AmexGiftCard com Balance – Activate to Check Gift Card Balance [2022]

Every American Express Gift Cardholder enjoys tons of benefits with the gift card balance but before getting any benefit from AmexGiftCard, you must activate it to check the gift card balance online on the official website known as AmexGiftCard com Balance or

There are more than 20 American Express gift cards to buy from, and they design these Amex gift cards for all types of events. Either, you want to choose a business gift card to personal gift card to gift their American express customers.

AmexGiftCard com Balance

AmexGiftCard com Balance

American Express Gift Cards also known as Amex Gift Card is one of the most popular payment cards preloaded with a set amount in USD currency. Amex Gift Card can be used by the customers in any online store but the store must accept American Express in the United States.

Benefits of Amex Gift Card

The American Express Gift Card is a popular gift item and customers can purchase Amex gift card for birthdays, graduation days, promotions, or any popular celebratory event.

Below we are mentioning the benefits of Amex Gift Card that should be checked before getting Amex gift card purchaser or the recipient.

  • Amex Card Holders can choose the business Amex gift card or personal Amex gift card because the company has more than 20+ gift card options.
  • Amex Gift Card comes with ranges from $25 USD to $3000 USD.
  • Purchasers can choose different card designs and themes from multiple options.
  • The funds on the card cannot expire if funds are deposited by the cardholder. As long as, purchaser holds the car to deposit funds.
  • There is no extra fee applied on the card and once the card has been purchased then users don’t need to pay other extra fees, so cardholders don’t need to worry about it.
  • This card is accepted online worldwide.
  • Amex Cards get ultimate points for every purchase online.

How to Buy Amex Gift Cards Online?

Buy Amex Gift Cards Online

Every American Express account holder can buy Amex gift cards in any brick-and-mortar store that sells multiple gift cards. Their 100s of retail stores that provide these cards and customers can buy amexgiftcard and check balance at amexgiftcard com balance.

Stores that Accept Amex Gift Card:

  • Staples
  • Target
  • Wawa
  • Safeway
  • Walmart
  • Kmart
  • Walgreens
  • Pathmark
  • Kroger

Find more stores by Store Locator to find the nearby location.

American Express Gift Cards Activation – Guide

American Express Gift Cardholders, who received the cards and it, needs to be activating Amex gift card to start using it. They can initiate the activation process by visiting the official site amexgiftcard com balance.

The official website “” is damn safe and secure to access the account and apart from activation, cardholders can check the Amex Gift Card Balance on amexgiftcard.con/balance and manage the card online to a checklist of transactions and all other facilities provided by the company.

The Amex Gift Cards are designed and issued by the American Express Prepaid Card Management Corporation and can be used online everywhere, especially in the United States. The cards cannot be used at ATMs and for recurring billing.

How to Activate Amex Gift Card Online on

Before you check Amex gift card balance at amexgiftcard com balance, you must activate your card by following below steps:

Activate Amex Gift Card

To activate your Amex gift card online, keep the card with you so you can follow the steps to activate Amex gift card online:

  • Go to the Amex Gift Card homepage at and click on the Check Balance option on the top-right corner of the page.
  • Or, you can directly go to
  • You will land on the Amex Gift Card Login account to manage and activate the card.
  • Simply, enter your 15-digits card number without any space from your Amex gift card.
  • Type the expiration date from the card.
  • Now, enter the 4-digit security code and tap on the near question mark sign to get the right location on the card.
  • Now, click on the Sign In button after entering the information properly.
  • Once you follow the above steps, then your Amex gift card is automatically activated once you will successfully log into your account.

How to Activate Amex Gift Card via Call?

If you are not familiar with the online procedure or you find any issue to activate Amex gift card online then you can activate it via call by following this procedure.

You can simply flip the card over to see the backside and find the Amex Customer Care Service toll-free number. Call on the number and explain your needs to the support staff to activate the card and they will explain each point.

Do American Express Gift Cards have an Activation Fee?

American Express Gift Cards don’t have an activation fee and you shouldn’t have any fees after initial purchase.

You should understand that the fee does not affect your gift card balance and if you bought a $100 gift card the purchase fee is in addition to the $100 balance.

While purchasing the Amex Gift Card online at comes with a $3.95 USD as purchase fee.

How to Check Amex Gift Card Balance?

Once you activate the Amex gift card balance, the next step is to start using it and monitoring your balance. If you activate your card via the online service then you can continue using the American Express Gift Card Balance on the official website to check the recent purchases and remaining balance on your card with the help of

Check Amex Gift Card Balance on Call [Except AmexGiftCard com Balance]

The Cardholders can also call customer service and check their balance via telephone. The number to contact Amex customer service is 1-888-846-4208. All your queries will be handled with their help.

Contact Amex Gift Card Customer Support Team:

If you have questions about purchasing your Gift Cards online:

  • American Express® Gift Card Customer Care: PO Box 826, Fortson, GA 31808 or Call at 1-833-205-8622
  • If you purchased your Gift Card at Target: 1-833-792-5087



So now you have the complete in-depth guide on amexgiftcard com balance where you activate Amex gift card online and after activating the card, you can check Amex gift card balance online. But if you still have any query then you can drop your queries in the comment section below and we will happy to reply to you with the correct answer to your queries about amexgiftcard com balance.

We request you to share this guide with your friends and family who owns an account at American Express and want to try Amex Gift Card to enjoy the ultimate benefits.

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