January 27, 2023

Fall Guys on Mac [M1, M2, iMac, Mabook] 2023


Fall Guys on MacAs Fall Guys become increasingly popular, many people are asking if it can be played on a Mac. 


Unfortunately, the developer of the game, Mediatonic, as of now has no plans to introduce a version for macOS. 

Fall Guys on Mac

Fall Guys on Mac


Further, there are methods to play Fall Guys on Mac through alternative methods.

What is Fall Guys?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a popular casual multiplayer game in which players compete in various battle royale challenges, using almost 80 different courses, to ultimately become the one remaining victor. 

The game features a simple jelly bean character in an inflatable yet chaotic world, with gameplay consisting of five randomly chosen rounds where players must do anything to survive.

Fall Guys’ structure makes it an ideal game to stream, and it offers regular updates and a Battle Pass with new content such as map levels and skins.

Whether you win or not, Fall Guys guarantees players pure and frantic fun.

Is Fall Guys Available on Mac?

Unfortunately, at this time there is no official Fall Guys Mac version available, as the developers have not yet made any efforts to make it compatible with macOS. 

Fall Guys is currently available on PC through the Epic Store, as well as on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. 

Yet, there are a couple of workaround methods that can be used to run the game on a Mac, despite the lack of official support.

How to Play Fall Guys on Mac?

The most effective way to play Fall Guys on a Mac is by streaming it through a cloud gaming platform, such as Boosteroid. Another option is to use a virtual machine, like Parallels or Boot Camp, to run the game within a Windows environment.

Both approaches are discussed below.

  • How to Play Fall Guys on Mac via Cloud Gaming?

Boosteroid, a top cloud gaming service available to U.S. players, allows you to play Fall Guys (and many other games) directly from your browser at 1080p and 60 FPS. To get started:

  • Sign up for an account and subscribe on the Boosteroid official website, providing contact and payment information. The cost is typically around $7.50-$10 per month, depending on the plan.
  • Download Fall Guys for free from the Epic Games Store, but note that only users with active licenses can run it on Boosteroid.
  • Log into your Boosteroid account, search for Fall Guys, verify your license by logging into your Epic Games account, and click ‘Play’ to start playing.

To ensure the best gaming experience, Boosteroid sets the game settings at medium to high. With a reliable internet connection, you can expect to play Fall Guys at Full HD, 60 frames per second, and about 25 ms latency. Boosteroid works well with Google Chrome and Opera, and the company is also actively developing a native macOS app.

Note: if you are not satisfied with Boosteroid, you can try other cloud gaming services such as Shadow and airgun that offer Fall Guys in their portfolio.

  • How to Play Fall Guys on Mac with Virtual Machine

Another way to play Fall Guys on a Mac is by using a virtual machine. This method involves setting up a virtual partition that hosts a Windows environment, and then downloading and running Fall Guys within that environment.

The best software for this purpose is Parallels Desktop for Mac, which is a versatile desktop virtualization software for macOS.

Once you have installed and activated Parallels on your device (paid or trial version), you can set up a virtual OS and start downloading Fall Guys within minutes:

  • Download the corresponding Windows installation file.
  • Start Parallels and drag the Win 11 ISO file when prompted to do so.
  • Hold for Parallels to build the virtual Windows machine.
  • Update and set up your Windows 11 emulator version.
  •  Download the Epic Game Store and Browse for it.
  • Search for and install Fall Guys, Once you log in.
  • Launch the game and enjoy playing with your friends.

It’s important to note that this method only works for Intel-based Macs as Fall Guys use Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC), a solution that does not yet work in VMs on M1 & M2 chips.

Should You Use Boot Camp Instead?

You may be capable to run Fall Guys more smoothly by using Boot Camp Assistant If you have an older Intel Mac with subpar hardware, Apple’s multi-boot utility for macOS.

To utilize Boot Camp, you will require:

  • Update and open Boot Camp Assistant (found under ‘Utilities’)
  • Make sure that you have enough storage on your Mac (at least 128 GB).
  • You need to Insert an empty USB stick into your Mac and start Boot Camp.
  • You have to Follow the on-screen prompts to create a Windows installation disk.
  • Choose the ISO file and the size of the hard disk partition for Windows.
  • Hold for your computer to restart and start the Windows installation.

Note: Boot Camp does not still support Windows 11 without extra user tampering.

After completing these steps and logging into your new Windows environment, you can follow the instructions outlined above for the Parallels solution to install Fall Guys.

While Boot Camp is accessible for free, it is worth noting that Parallels is a newer and better alternative, as it allows you to use both macOS and Windows simultaneously without a restart and share files and resources between the two operating systems.

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Final Verdict:

You can still join in on the fun with your companions on Windows and consoles by using a cloud gaming service even though there is no official Mac version of Fall Guys so you can play Fall Guys on Mac by following this above guide.

You can still run it on a virtual machine without any effect on performance, in case you don’t have a proper internet connection to stream the game at a high quality.

Both cloud gaming and virtual machine solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

It is easier as you don’t need to worry about the hardware requirements and viability, but it needs a strong and fast net connection. 

On the other hand, virtual machine solutions like Parallels or Boot Camp may need extra hardware resources and set up, but they offer a better gaming experience with lower latency and higher performance.

Additionally, both solutions offer different pricing plans and subscription options, so it’s important to carefully evaluate your needs and budget before making a decision. Some cloud gaming services also offer free trials, so it’s worth giving them a try before committing to a subscription.

Ultimately, it’s important to keep in mind that although Fall Guys are not officially available for Mac, there are still ways to enjoy the game on your Mac device. With a bit of research and setup, you can join in on the fun and compete with your friends on other platforms.

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