December 23, 2023

Fortnite IPA iOS 15 Official for iPhone [2023]


Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games ever created. Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite offers a unique blend of building mechanics, vibrant graphics, and intense PvP combat that has captivated millions of players globally.


While Fortnite is freely available on various platforms like PCs, consoles, and Android devices, the game was removed from the Apple App Store in 2020 due to a dispute between Epic and Apple over in-app purchase policies. This means Fortnite IPA has become the only way for iPhone and iPad users to download and enjoy the iconic game.

Fortnite IPA

Fortnite IPA


Is Fortnite IPA Officially Available for iPhones?

No, the Fortnite IPA is not officially available on the App Store for iPhones and iPads. After its removal in 2020, there remains no authorized way to download Fortnite iOS 15 devices.

However, using third-party app stores like AltStore or sideloading services makes it possible to install the Fortnite iOS 16 IPA file manually. This allows you to play the latest version of Fortnite Mobile on your iPhone or iPad.

Benefits of Using the Fortnite IPA on iPhones

Here are some of the biggest advantages of using the Fortnite iOS 17 IPA on your Apple device:

  • Play the full Fortnite game for free on iPhone and iPad
  • Access to the same frequent updates as other platforms
  • Cross-platform multiplayer with friends on PC, console, etc.
  • Unlock cosmetic items and Battle Pass rewards
  • Participate in competitive tournaments and events
  • Thriving community of iOS players to game with

In short, the IPA file brings the complete, authentic Fortnite experience to Apple mobile devices.

How to Download Fortnite IPA on iPhone (Step-by-Step Process)

Downloading and installing Fortnite iOS 15 iPA on your iPhone or iPad via an IPA file involves sideloading services outside the App Store. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Install AltStore

  • AltStore is a free sideloading app store that makes installing IPA files easy.
  • To set up AltStore on your iPhone, you’ll need a Windows or Mac computer with AltServer installed.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer and open AltServer to install AltStore.

Step 2: Download the Fortnite IPA File

  • Visit a reputable site offering the latest Fortnite IPA download for iOS devices.
  • Ensure you download the complete Fortnite IPA file that works with AltStore.

Step 3: Import IPA into AltStore

  • With your iPhone open in AltStore, tap on the + icon.
  • Select the Fortnite IPA file you downloaded to import into AltStore.
  • The IPA will begin installing on your device.

Step 4: Trust and Launch

  • After installation, go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management on your iPhone.
  • Tap trust on the developer profile for the Fortnite IPA to verify it.
  • You can then open Fortnite and enjoy full access to the game!

As long as you have AltServer set up, this entire process only takes a few minutes. And you can repeat it whenever Fortnite is updated to get the latest version running on your iPhone or iPad.

Pros and Cons of Using Fortnite IPA

There are both upsides and downsides to keep in mind with the Fortnite IPA download:


  • Play the full Fortnite game on iPhone and iPad.
  • Frequent updates in line with other platforms.
  • Cross-play and shared progress across devices.
  • Access official tournaments and events.
  • Thriving player base and community.


  • Sideloading is required instead of direct App Store installation.
  • Extra steps involved in installing updates.
  • The remote possibility of app revokes interrupting gameplay.
  • Less secure than the App Store download.

For most players though, the advantages heavily outweigh the downsides. The IPA file presents the only option for enjoying Fortnite Mobile on an iPhone in 2022 and beyond.

Top 10 Fortnite IPA Alternatives for iOS

Here are 10 of the top battle royale alternatives iOS users can enjoy natively on the App Store if desired:

  1. Call of Duty Mobile: Fast-paced PvP shooter action from major franchise.
  2. PUBG Mobile: Legendary battle royale game that inspired Fortnite.
  3. Apex Legends Mobile: Squad-based gameplay set in a sci-fi universe.
  4. Garena Free Fire: Animated graphics with shorter 10-minute matches.
  5. Last Island of Survival: Indy zombie shooter with crafting elements.
  6. Hopeless Land: Attractive smooth graphics and MOBA-like gameplay.
  7. Free Survival Battlegrounds Fire: Decent alternative is great for beginners.
  8. ScarFall: Fun battle royale take on childhood game.
  9. Grand Battle Royale: Large online player base for big battles.
  10. Battle Royale Fire Force: Anime-inspired characters and tools.

While none offer quite the same total package as Fortnite, these games provide iPhone users great battle royale action without needing to sideload IPA files.

FAQs about Fortnite IPAs for iOS

Here are answers to 10 of the most frequently asked questions about installing and playing Fortnite Mobile using IPA files on iPhones and iPads:

  • 1. Does the Fortnite IPA work on iPhone 14 and iOS 16?

Yes! The latest Fortnite IPA has full compatibility up to iPhone 14 models and iOS 16.

  • 2. Can I play Fortnite cross-platform using the iOS IPA?

Yes, you can! One of Fortnite’s biggest advantages is full cross-platform multiplayer support.

  • 3. Is the Fortnite IPA safe to install?

IPA files involve more risk than App Store downloads, but using reputable sources and AltStore greatly minimizes any dangers. Overall the process is quite safe.

  • 4. Will my cosmetics and Battle Pass transfer over from other platforms if playing Fortnite on iPhone?

Absolutely! Your entire Epic account and all purchased items carry over seamlessly when playing Fortnite via IPA on iOS.

  • 5. Do I need to use a computer every time there’s a Fortnite update?

No you don’t! Once AltServer and AltStore are set up, your iPhone can handle installing most updates automatically over WiFi without needing to connect to your computer each time.

  • 6. Can I play Fortnite on both iPhone and iPad using the same account?

Yes! Feel free to install the IPA file on multiple iOS devices and enjoy Fortnite Mobile on all of them with the same shared account progress.

  • 7. Is performance and gameplay quality impacted at all versus playing natively?

Thanks to incredible iPhone hardware capabilities today, the IPA file delivers largely the same great performance and graphics you’d expect from a native App Store download of Fortnite.

  • 8. Will I get banned or punished for using an IPA to play Fortnite Mobile?

No, you should face no bans or account penalties whatsoever. Playing Fortnite via IPA on iPhone and iPad is considered safe and legitimate by Epic.

  • 9. Can I play in official Fortnite tournaments and events using the IPA on iOS?

Yes! iPhone and iPad players using the IPA file remain eligible for all official Fortnite competitions and tournaments.

  • 10. What happens if my IPA file gets revoked? Can I easily reinstall?

In the unlikely event, that your IPA does get revoked or needs troubleshooting, you can easily reinstall a fresh file using the same AltStore method covered here without the risk of bans or lost data.

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While the process involves a few more steps compared to natively downloading from the App Store, using the Fortnite IPA file remains the only way iPhone and iPad users can enjoy Epic’s iconic battle royale game today. And thanks to services like AltStore, getting set up is quick and easy.

The ability to play full cross-platform Fortnite Mobile, unlock awesome cosmetics, battle on the go, and join millions of other iOS players makes tackling the IPA install well worth it for any fan.

So if you have been craving your Fortnite fix on an Apple device, go for it!

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