July 11, 2022

GearSystem iOS 15 for iPhone & iPad FREE [2022]


GearSystem iOS 15 – If you want to download GearSystem For iOS 15 devices and also want to get Install it on iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreaking your device, then you have to follow the steps that I will share with you below.


This article is for the 80’s game lover who loves to play Nintendo game alternatives via GearSystem iOS 15. Sega System well known as the Sega Master System is formerly named GearSystem Emulator which is a video gaming console that is designed in the 80s era. It has only a limited gaming library, and due to that, it is not got as much popularity as Nintendo.

GearSystem iOS 15

GearSystem iOS 15


For the people who want to play their childhood 80s games, then GearSystem comes with awesome games on the list to full fill your dreams. We will tell you more on How to Download Sega Master System Emulator For iOS devices Without Jailbreak your devices.

What is GearSystem iOS 15?

GearSystem Emulator is named after Sega Master System Emulator which is a video game console that helps you to play 80’s games on your ios devices that too Without Jailbreaking your iDevices. 

GearSystem is similar to Sega Genesis Emulator where you can easily play Sega Master System Games on your iDevices. 

Once the Sega Gear System emulator used to be a competitor of Nintendo emulators, but it didn’t get that much popularity compared to Nintendo due to a lack of games. 

Pre-Requirements to Install GearSystem iOS 15:

  1. You need to have some space on your iDevices to Download this app.
  2. iOS versions that are above iOS 7+.
  3. iDevices that are above the iPhone 5.
  4. You don’t have to jailbreak your iDevices.
  5. You must have an active Wi-Fi connection.
  6. The USB cable to connect your Windows or MAC.

About GearSystem iOS 15:

  • Name: GearSystem has formerly known as Sega Master System
  • Type: Video Game Emulator
  • Category: Genesis game emulator

Features of GearSystem iOS 15:

  • It has great background audio that comes with SLD Audio.
  • This works smoothly on your iDevices.
  • It also supports the External Ram with the file save option.
  • You can play almost all the games.
  • It is easy to navigate.
  • It’s a User-friendly app, you don’t need any coding knowledge for this Emulator.

Download and install GearSystem iOS 15 on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreaking:

GearSystem Emulator has a smooth interface and best gaming performance compared to other emulators, why because it consumes a lesser amount of Ram while playing games on your iDevices. Moreover, you can install and use this emulator without jailbreaking your iDevices, we will share the installation steps of the GearSystem Emulator on iPhone/iPad for newer iOS versions. 

Installation Steps:

  • First, you have to unlock your device and open the Safari browser and then navigate iEmulators.com.
  • Then, Click on the Apps Section.
  • Here you will find a list of apps, search for GearSystem. Then Click Download Gear System Emulator. 
  • Here you will see an install button, click on Install at the bottom of the page. 
  • After that, you will get a notification, ignore everything and Tap on Install.
  • After the installation is fully completed you will see GearSystem Emulator on your home screen. 

Download & Install GearSystem For iOS on iDevices using Cydia Impactor:

  • First of all, you have to download Cydia Impactor on your computer.
  • Now you have to Install Cydia Impactor by following the above article.
  • Now Download the Gear System IPA file on your computer.
  • Then connect your iDevices to the computer with a USB cable.
  • Now drag and drop the GearSystem IPA file on Cydia Impactor.
  •  Now it will ask for your Apple ID and Password.
  • Just enter your id and password and start the installation process.
  • There you can see GearSystem Installed successfully on your home screen. 

How can you Add Game Roms to GearSystem Emulator:

Adding Game Roms to the Gear System emulator is a very simple process, just follow the below steps to Add Roms.

  • First, you have to unlock your iDevices and then navigate any ROMs provider website.
  • Then on the coolroms website, you can see different categories click on the Roms section.
  • Now On the Roms section, search for the Gear System Roms which also means Sega Master System Roms.
  • Here click on any Rom that you want to play and tap on “open in GearSystem“. 
  • Now navigate to the Gear System Emulator you will see the Game Installed successfully.

GearSystem Alternatives for iOS Devices:


We have shared everything about GearSystem iOS 15 and If this article helped you anyway then share this article with your friends and family who love to play their childhood games.

This article mainly concludes with “How to Download Gear System Emulator“, and “How to Install GearSystem Emulator“. If you face any errors or issues while Downloading and Installing this emulator, then let us know, we will try our level best to give you a perfect solution.

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