September 1, 2023

GTA 5 Mod Menu PS3 PKG + Download


GTA 5 Mod Menu PS3 PKG + DownloadIf you are looking for GTA 5 Mod Menu PS3 PKG Download Therefore, you are at the correct spot here you will get the update GTA 5 Mod Menu PS3 Pkg + Download that will help you to play your favorite GTA 5 game with extra in-game benefits.


We all know that GTA 5 game doesn’t need an introduction. It is an astonishing gaming franchise that has worked hard to create itself in video game history and with thousands of players concurrently playing, you did have to agree GTA 5 is a massive success.

GTA 5 Mod Menu PS3 PKG + Download

GTA 5 Mod Menu PS3 PKG + Download


Simply set in the virtual state of San Andreas, the GTA 5 game storyline revolves around 3 protagonists and their efforts to perform heists whilst under extreme pressure from in-game govt officials and strong criminals.

It is an astonishing virtual open-world par excellence, but assuming you are really looking to expand the game’s all potential or to complete in-game missions with no hassle, then you can always resort to GTA 5 mod menus.

From Super Jump, and Spawn Vehicles to Invisibility, and a lot more, there are several GTA 5 PS3 Mod Menus out there on the internet. But here in this article, we will be looking into GTA 5 Galerium for its stability and astonishing features.

About PS3 GTA 5 Mods 

GTA 5 is an astonishing interactive game and it is accessible on all gaming consoles. Some GTA 5 mods are available for all players to appreciate the game.

GTA 5 is a game of mission in which you are getting bored at a precise time. That is why the game developers of this game released mods. From mods, gamers spend more and more time on gameplay.

Therefore, you will have fun with the mods of GTA 5 particularly the design for PlayStation 3 with no jailbreak feature. Mods for GTA 5 can be diverse and sorts, all levels of strangeness and quality.

Though, we will do our best to provide only the wittiest and finest mods of them. GTA V Mod menu helps you to get mods on your gaming consoles. You can basically install mods GTA 5 on the consoles using the mod menu.

Key Features of GTA 5 PS3:

  • No Ragdoll
  • Drive on Water!!
  • Shoot 4k cash bags out of the gun
  • Give all weapons
  • No lag teleport
  • Spawn any car including heist vehicles
  • Box ESP
  • Max stats (strength, stamina, driving, shooting, etc..)
  • No Cops

GTA 5 Mods PS3 Keys Controllers

Binds Keys Controllers

  • Boost Bind: Key R3
  • Vehicle Weapons: Key L3
  • SuperSpeed & Flying Car: Key L1
  • Instant Brake: Key R1

PS3 Keys Controllers

  • Open Menu: Key Dpad Left + Square + X
  • Navigate: Key Dpad Left + Dpad Right
  • Activate: Key X
  • Close/Go Back: Key Square

GTA 5 Mod Menu PS3 PKG + Download

Here is the GTA 5 mod menu PS3 pkg + download link You can simply copy and paste this link into any web browser to download GTA 5 Mod Menu PS3 pkg.

Here are the steps to install the GTA 5 Mod Menu on the PS3 and are really simple and straightforward. Therefore, if you have already downloaded the GTA 5 Mod Menu file on your drive, then simply double-click on the pkg file then install the GTA 5 Mod.

How can you download and Install GTA 5 Mod Menu PS3 PKG + Download?

  1. First, you need to download the gta5-mod-menu.pkg file from the above link.
  2. Then, you need to make sure GTA 5 is installed on your PS3 and simply copy the PKG File to your Pendrive.
  3. Now, you need to connect your pen drive to PS3 and install the pkg file.
  4. After that, you simply have to open GTA 5 and Press Key Dpad Left + Square + X to open the MOD Menu and Enjoy Gaming.

How can you Open Mod Menu in GTA 5 PS3?

  • First, you need to open GTA 5 on PS3.
  • Then, you simply have to connect your Controller to your PS3.
  • After that, you simply have to press the key Dpad Left + Square + X and this will open the Mod Menu in the game.
  • Now, to Navigate the menu simply use Dpad Left + Dpad Right, and to Activate use Key X.
  • At last, you need to close the Menu using Key Square.

FAQs on GTA 5 Mod Menu PS3 PKG + Download:

  • Can you mod GTA V on PS3?

There are no mods for GTA V on the PS3 and you can’t use any mods online for GTA V nevertheless.

  • What is the most used mod menu GTA?

Kiddions is one of the most widespread mod menus in GTA 5 in 2021. The developers have assured users that this mods menu is very harmless to use and still comprises all the interesting mods and possibly some mods for the January 2022 update.

  • Can PS3 handle GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is accessible for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360. For both platforms, the native resolution of the game is 720p.

How to Open Mod Menu in GTA 5 PS3?

  1. Open GTA 5 on PS3.
  2. Connect your Controller to your PS3.
  3. Press key Dpad Left + Square + X.
  4. This will open the Mod Menu in the game.
  5. To Navigate the menu use Dpad Left + Dpad Right.
  6. To Activate use Key X.
  7. Close the Menu using Key Square.

Few GTA 5 Mod Menu Keys to Use:

  1. Vehicle Weapons: Key L3
  2. Flying Car and Superspeed Car: Key L1
  3. Instant Brake: Key R1
  4. Boost: Key R3

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With any luck, you like this GTA 5 Mod Menu PS33 PKG + Download guide. Here in this post, we covered GTA 5 Mod Menu PS3 Pkg + download and all the features of GTA 5 Mod Menu.

If this GTA 5 Mod Menu PS3 PKG Download article is convenient for you then share this with your GTA 5 lover friends and if you have any suggestions regarding GTA 5 Mod Menu then the comment section is open for you pleased GTA 5 Gaming.

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