How to Earn Money on YouTube 2022: Being the Digital Era, you already be wondering we spent most of the time on the search engine for the result of any of our queries rather than on books and it is good also because it saves not only our time to get the answer but also support us with any of the answers which we just ask from the search engine either from Google, Yahoo, Bing or so much so.

How to Earn Money on YouTube 2022?

How to Earn Money on YouTube

But again when we are in the year 2022, we prefer YouTube for most of our queries and answer related to it. Because as it is said ‘images speak better than text, Audio speaks better than images and ultimately Video is the best platform which gives you a clear answer and understanding’.

And this is the reason why most of the searches for any of the queries are done on YouTube today.

Not only YouTube has become the best platform for making money online for many and this is done

How to Earn Money from YouTube Views?

Making money on YouTube is becoming very common and more and more people are aware of it. Who does not like stardom when a lot of money comes?

However, people still have a lot of suspicions about YouTube monetization and the most common among them is YouTube’s earning potential.

Most people think “how much do you make? Or “in a different context we can say, how much YouTube does pay you for per view of your video?” Among the many other questions. Therefore, I thought about writing this post, which not only includes the above questions but also frequently asked questions about YouTube monetization.

There are several ways that you can earn money from YouTube. Let’s go through the financial medium involved with each of them.

YouTube Partner Program

While learning about How to Earn Money on YouTube, you must have heard about, The YouTube Partner Program is also known as YouTube AdSense, one of the most common ways of earning money with YouTube videos. However, there are several ways to earn money from YouTube, this is the only way you can get your pay from Google or YouTube.

In this method, Google will serve ads in your YouTube video to generate revenue. Out of the total revenue earned through ads, YouTube deductions by 45%, and the remaining 55% you pay as your commission.

It is difficult to accurately predict the income from AdSense. This is because the revenue from ads depends on many factors and hence the income of one YouTube is very different.

Let’s take an example of a company working at an advertising banner in Times Square and rent another company in a small town in India. There will be a huge difference in the price of both cities. So the overall profit would also be different.

Similarly, the cost of renting an advertising banner will also be different with size, whether it is a billboard or a flex banner, and many other factors as well.

Therefore, the profit you can make by leasing traditional advertising depends on many factors, and like the above example, the income from YouTube advertising depends on many factors too.

Factors Affecting YouTube’s Earnings

The amount you accumulate with YouTube depends on the following factors. So, let us understand these factors step by step:

Place of your traffic

Typically, compared to Tier 2 countries like India and Brazil, South Africa, etc., traffic from the United States and the UK gets high cost per click (CPC).

Therefore, for similar ideas, YouTube will earn more for traffic from USA and UK, assuming the same (click through rate) CTR. That’s why YouTube will pay you more for that

Demographics of your Traffic

The age, gender, and other demographic factors of your traffic also affect your earnings. However, there is no rule for demographics, you can earn more income, but the traffic that includes people of adolescent and low income, usually earn less than traffic, including working professionals.

Type of Ads on YouTube

Various types of ads are displayed on YouTube. The real pay per click comes from True View as well as pre-roll ads and Bumper ads which get you money per view.

Most of the time you may find shippable ads which are if skipped buying the use, it doesn’t cost anything to the real advertiser and you don’t get anything from it.

And similarly for the other CPC ads, unless and until the user clicks on the advertisement running on your video, you earn nothing.

Content Quality

The quality of your content plays a significant role in getting high CPC ads. If your video looks polished, it will get a higher view, as well as good user engagement, which indicates to YouTube that your channel is worth investing in. Use any free video editor no watermark to make your videos even more attractive with filters, transitions, chroma key, or everything you need.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

In the case of CPC ads, your revenue can also depend on the click-through rate of ads (CTR). Better CTR, better pay rates you are going to avail as a benefit.

Audience Retention

Google and YouTube love quality videos. So if your users watch the video until the end, then they indicate that the video content was good and so the next time high CPC ads will be shown in the video.

In addition, the duration of the scene, the more ads will be shown to the user, which will result in higher revenue.

Number of Customers

A YouTube channel with millions of customers will get better CPC and CPI ads, compared to fewer or fewer customers than new YouTube channels.

YouTube Adsense Earnings Estimate

You cannot plan your business without knowing anything about the financials involved. It would be foolish to spend time and money without the profit and investment forecast. So the question is how much do YouTubers earn?

Well, there is no standard YouTube criteria for a money calculator. So, let’s do some math to estimate how much YouTube pays you for 1 million views via YouTube Partner Program.

So here’s the answer to the million-dollar question, “How much money do you make per million views?”

Affiliate Marketing

While YouTube AdSense is great, if you’re targeting the wrong geography and demographics, you cannot make a lot of money with the YouTube Partner Program.

Therefore, many YouTubers, especially Tech Bloggers, use affiliate marketing as a source to learn How to Earn Money on YouTube.

You Tubers who are in affiliate marketing, usually post product review videos. Those products also publish unboxing videos. Fashion bloggers and food bloggers often recommend a product to readers.

These bloggers then add their affiliate links to the description section of the video. Whenever someone buys a product using this link, then they earn commissions for that.

It is very difficult to assess your affiliate income because it depends on the factors below.


Conversion ratio (people who clicked your affiliate link and bought a product)

The commission earned the sales copy of the product.

However, if we know the commission for sale for a product, then we can roughly estimate earnings from affiliate marketing.

CTR for affiliate links is usually in the range of 0.5% to 3%. Let’s take an average CTR of 2%. For 1 million views, the total number of people who click on your affiliate link will be 20,000.

Now, the conversion ratio for most affiliate products is in the range of 2% to 5%. Considering the conversion ratio of 3%, the total number of people who bought the products or services using your affiliate link would be 600.

Therefore, if you are $ 10 per sale, your earnings from affiliate marketing will be $ 6000 for 1 million views.

Sponsored Videos

YouTube has become one of the most powerful channels for marketing in 2022. This is why the YouTube AdSense program is very successful.

However, many people are not interested in seeing the ad, and they stop ending or not paying attention to it. Therefore, to make brand-sponsored videos, the YouTube channel gets better pay by paying.

Brands usually contact YouTubers to launch a product or launch a store or create a video centered around similar events. Some brands also sponsor YouTube channels, and in turn, you need to promote your products by using YouTube for your readers or if YouTube is a public person.

For example, on cooking, a YouTube channel can focus the camera on a particular brand’s spice or other culinary products, because the channel owner uses the same.

You Tubers take a fixed price, which is estimated based on the number of views expected for the video. The normal price is $10 to $50 per 1000 views per video. So if a video is expected to generate one million views, then the sponsored post will be priced from $ 10000 to $ 50000.

I know that YouTube makes a sound like a bigger amount than affiliate programs or even affiliate marketing. However, brands usually work only with established YouTube channels.

So, as long as your video is being viewed from one million to ten million times, you probably will not be able to get sponsored content. And even if you manage, you will get them from small brands which can be very tight on budget and therefore you pay very little from the above price.

Related FAQ’s Regarding a You Tuber’s Earning:

Below is the summary of the above post and also other very common FAQs people have about a YouTuber earning that you might have come across on YouTube.

How Much Does a YouTuber Make?

The amount of money a user earns depends on their talent and the ability to create viral videos. Some YouTubers do not earn a single penny while others earn thousands of dollars from their YouTube videos.

It is said that YouTuber Pewdiepie has earned a net worth of $4 million from his YouTube video. While according to Business Insider, not everybody earns much as Pewdiepie, while many other YouTubers including Michel Chan are making more than $ 100k.

What is the Average YouTuber’s Salary?

Strange is enough, but many people think that YouTube gives salaries to YouTubers. Therefore, all the people who want to find YouTuber’s salaries should know that YouTube does not appoint people to post the video.

Rather, as mentioned earlier, YouTubers are those who either earn a commission from YouTuber or make money through other sources like affiliate marketing and sponsored videos. So, there is no term like You Tuber’s salary. The exact word “YouTuber’s earnings” is because YouTubing is a type of online business and is not a job.

Anyway, YouTubers who come in the “Avg” section earn almost nothing every month for hundreds of dollars. And with a lot of people trying to earn money with YouTube, it is impossible to calculate the earnings of an average YouTuber.

There are no figures in this regard. However, according to the Observer website, the top 3% of YouTube channels get 90% of total YouTube views. Therefore, the average of YouTubers is earned by only a small portion of YouTube stars.

How Much Does YouTube pay for 1 Million Views?

YouTube charges advertisers for a variety of factors, as discussed in detail in the above article. From what YouTube earns from advertisers, they pay 55% and keep the remaining 45% in the form of their commission.

However, in general, a YouTuber pays between $ 3- $ 10. In some cases, the figures may be more or less. But, they are usually within the above limit. For 1 million views, YouTube can pay a YouTuber $3000 – $10,000.

How Much Does YouTube pay per view?

You Tubers pay per view between 0.3 cents to 1 cent, as applicable by applying the above conditions.

How Much YouTubers do you Make Per View?

As discussed above, You Tuber makes 0.3 cents to 1 cent per view from the YouTube Partner Program. This amount will be the same for those YouTubers who are in affiliate marketing.

As for the Sponsored positions, the price can go up to 1 cent up to 5 cents. When You Tubers use a combination of these monetization methods then things get a little complicated. The reason for this is that CTR on ads may be less for affiliate marketing-related videos.

How Much Does YouTube pay per Customer?

YouTube does not pay you per customer. This pays you for the number that users view.

However, the rule of thumb says that the number of customers, the number of ideas is more. This is because whenever you publish a new video, your customers will be notified about it.

If someone has subscribed to your channel, then this means that the person is interested in watching your video and therefore there is a great chance to see your new video. Therefore, even though 10% of your members watch your new video, you get ideas from this 10 % of the customers, besides you are getting systematically even from search engines, YouTube search, and social media.

According to statistics, it is not possible to calculate the income of YouTubers from the number of customers because some YouTubers may have very few but very active customers. On the other hand, some YouTubers have purchased fake customers who will never check their videos.

How Many Views on YouTube to get Paid?

YouTube will pay you only when the rest of your $ 100 will be reached. As you already know by now, anyone can make $ 3 to $ 10 per $ 1000.

Therefore, to reach $ 100 you should get ($ 100 x 1000 ideas) / ($ 3 to $ 10) = approx. 10,000 to 34,000 views so you should plan to start a YouTube channel only when you are confident of getting a minimum of 34,000 views.

How Much Per Video Do You Make?

The amount generated by a YouTuber per video will depend largely on how many ideas they are getting on the video. For every 1000 views, it will earn $3 to $10.

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YouTube is really a great way to earn money online. However, due to a lack of clarity about how much YouTube pays YouTube per view, many people are skeptical about switching to YouTubing.

In this article, I have tried my best to explain to you how much money you Tubers earn. However, it may be possible that I have left some important questions for you.

Was this article helpful and informative to give you all the best possible answers about YouTube? If yes then you can drop your comment in the comment section below. Your feedback is most welcome.

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