How to Spot Fake iPhone 11?


How to Spot Fake iPhone 11 – The business of the “fake iPhone” has become an extremely gainful business. There are some of the iPhone offs which will do so roughly and also it is really hard to differentiate between the fake iPhone and the real iPhone. Some of the fake iPhones get duplicated so well that it’s really hard to identify that they are false.


From the size of the device to the location of the button, and also the Apple logo, and some of the other quality features, some of the fake iPhones are intended in a very good manner. 

Thus, if you are concerned that you might have a fake iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or the iPhone 11 pro max then you need to read this article till the end. iPhone 11 offers a highly upgraded camera and also it is having a tough design and also it offers a long-lasting battery at a very reasonable price and which makes it the iPhone for lots of people. 

How to Spot Fake iPhone 11?

Fake iPhone 11


There are loads of Fake iPhone 11 Series in the market which look like the real iPhone but you must be careful at the time of buying the iPhones if you buy them from unfamiliar sources. If you buy an iPhone from the second-hand market or from any seller or dealer which is not official by Apple then you have to follow this article in the process to find out if the iPhone you are buying is genuine or not. 

What do you need to look out For When Looking for A Fake iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max?

You are compulsory to check out the signs to ensure that you are having a genuine iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or also the iPhone 11 Pro max. Thus, check out the signs to ensure that we are sharing them below. 

  • Sign 1: Packaging

You have to look for irregularities in the packaging of an iPhone to make sure that it was real packaging from Apple. Similarly, if you see any of the unofficial colors of the box art then there are chances that you are having a fake iPhone 11. 

Also, you need to ensure that you scrutinize accessories and also the incorrect information which might be accessible on the box. 

  • Sign 2: Button Placement

One of the physical signs to check out the real iPhone is the location of the button. On a real iPhone, the sleep and wake-up buttons are accessible at the top right corner of the iPhone, and also the volume button is accessible on the upper left side of the iPhone. If any of the buttons are not sited in the places then you are having a fake iPhone 11.

Likewise, some of the fake iPhones have the buttons in the precise position but you need to feel the buttons by pressing them cleverly. You simply need to press the button very normally to get to know if there is any unfitted or loose button if there is not. 

  • Sign 3: Check the Logo

Fake iPhones have a logo that is off settlement like either it is too high or low from their original place. Likewise, on the rear of the iPhone, you need to check the apple logo. If you are unable to see any of the apple logos then your device is bogus. Some of the fake iPhones are undoubted as they show the apple logo on the rear. Similarly, you simply try to brush your finger on the logo and then out any transition from the cover to the Apple logo, and if yes then your iPhone is forged. 

  • Sign 4: Check the Welcome Screen

Chiefly the fake iPhone operating system is duplicated to android to seem like the iPhone iOS. If you boot your device then it will show you some of the rare welcome screens which mostly appear on android devices apart from the iPhone logo and if yes then you are using a clone. 

In terms of the best resolves, the clones will try to hide the android features and show up when you understand there are no android OS features on apple devices. 

  • Sign 6: Missing Features

You simply need to check out the features in your iPhone to spot a fake iPhone 11 like the dark mode and also some of the other iPhone features as well. In rare cases, the gesture controls of the iPhone don’t have the purposes of the fake iPhone. 

  • Sign 7: Fake Settings

If you wish to spot a fake iPhone 11 pro max, you simply need to check out the fake settings which don’t open or don’t work correctly. Some of the settings do not respond correctly at the time when you make click on them and you have to pay attention to the settings seriously means. 

  • Sign 8: Face ID

In forged iPhones, the Face ID feature doesn’t work correctly. This feature will falsely scan your face but it does not work at all. Similarly, it might not work when you try to unlock your iPhone by the use of the face Id unlock. 

  • Sign 9: Camera Quality

Original iPhones have the finest and superior camera quality as related to the fake iPhone 11 as the fake iPhones take low-quality images and videos. Likewise, the iPhone has poor cameras regardless of the lighting condition and also, they are fake iPhone. If you wish to check and spot a fake iPhone, you simply need to try to record a video and check out the quality of the video and if the quality is really wicked then it means that your iPhone is forged. 

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