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Instagram Rocket iOS 15 – We all know about Instagram, it offers a great podium to share your talents, and interests and even promote business. Because of its astonishing features, it is gaining more likes at an exponential rate.


Lots of people all over the world use this social networking app to showcase their talents and reach more audiences. It is accessible on both iOS and Android. Even then, there are some features that if included, will make Instagram more exciting. Instagram Rocket is a tweaked version of Instagram, which has got all these astonishing features to compensate for.

Instagram Rocket iOS 15

Instagram Rocket iOS 15


Though, Instagram Rocket on iOS is not accessible on your device’s app store, as it is a tweaked app. For this, you will have to make use of AppValley, which is a great third-party app installer that offers you almost all the modded and tweaked app that is not accessible on your app store.

All the apps are totally free of cost and you can download any of them on your iOS devices without jailbreak. AppValley for iOS is verified to be so helpful for iOS users, as they do not have permission to some apps available on Android.

Similarly, iOS users can find many paid apps for free in AppValley. Here we are going to share an easy method to install AppValley and Instagram Rocket iOS 15 using this app installer on your iOS devices. If you want to know more about Instagram Rocket iOS 15 then read this article carefully.

What are the features of Instagram Rocket iOS 15

The latest Rocket for Instagram on iOS is a tweaked version of Instagram and offers many great features that are still missing in the original version. 

  • You will be able to view the profile pictures on full screen by just double-tapping them.
  • While viewing others’ accounts, it will also show whether they are following you or not.
  • Your feed can now be viewed in a list or grid layout as well.
  • It permits you to download photos and videos straight from the feed and even from stories.
  • You can also open direct messages without notifying the person whether you have seen the message or not.
  • To avoid unintentional likes, this app will also ask for confirmation of likes.
  • Stories can also be viewed without showing them as seen. You will be able to mark/unmark stories as seen by yourself.
  • In story maker, you can also view the entire gallery and not just the media from the last 24 hours.
  • It also permits you to block sponsored ads.

How can you Install Instagram Rocket on iOS 15 using AppValley?

if you want to have Instagram Rocket on your iOS devices. Since it is tweaked, the Apple app store will not have it. But you can get it securely without jailbreak and for free using AppValley. Instagram Rocket is one among hundreds of apps existing on AppValley. Here are the simple steps to install this app on your iPhone/iPad.

  • First, you need to open the Browser and go to the link given below. It is suggested that you use Safari Browser as it makes the process faster and will not show errors.
  • Then, the home page of the website will show the AppValley icon and next to it, you will treasure an Install option. Simply Click on it and the download process will begin.
  • Now after some time, AppValley will be downloaded on your iOS device. But you should not run it now because You need to alter the default setting first.
  • For this, you need to open Settings of your device and on the General section, then look for Profile and Device Management option. Click on it and on the screen that comes up, enable the Trust AppValley option.
  • Now you will be able to open AppValley on your iDevice and in this, search for Instagram Rocket.

Results gained will show this app along with a Get or Install option. click on it and Instagram Rocket will start downloading.

  • After the download process is over, again go to the device’s Settings. On the General section, click on Profile and Device Management option. Now you need to enable the trust Instagram Rocket option.
  • Now, you will be able to use Instagram Rocket on your iOS device. 

What are the Alternatives of Instagram Rocket on iOS?

  • OGinsta+

OGInsta is an application that is suggested by developers for users to use. You can now download your favorite content such as stories, feeds, etc directly from the app.

  • Boomerang

Boomerang is one of the authorized applications that held up value on our iOS device. Trust is a must, so with Boomerang, you will be able to record a small video and let it play on a loop just like a Boomerang.

  • Layout

It is surely very tough to choose what Layout you can use to combine all your images on Instagram. The layout is the authorized application that achieves your need.

  • Hyperlapse

It is time to play along with the ‘lapse’ with Hyperlapse. You will be able to use this application to create slow-mo or timelapse video and share it straight on Instagram.

FAQs (frequently asked questions):

  • Q – Is Instagram Rocket safe?

Affirmative, Instagram Rocket for iOS is a harmless platform for social networking. You will be able to change the app design in whatsoever way you like. It doesn’t even need jailbreaking your iDevice to do this. Instagram Rocket has the finest user interface and there are no errors or bugs in the app.

  • Q – Can you use Instagram Rocket on iOS for free?

Instagram Rocket iOS is accessible for free. You will be able to download them securely and enjoy all the amazing features. There are no in-app payments as well.

  • Q – Will the profile be reported using Instagram Rocket?

Not at all, Instagram Rocket doesn’t go against any of the safety policies and hence, the users cannot be reported or blocked from the app. Instagram Rocket is just a tweaked version that offers extra features in the most harmless way possible.

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