February 28, 2023

Persona 5 Royal Strength Confidant Guide 2023


Persona 5 Royal Strength Confidant brings a Mixture of Puzzles into the game. Players are allocated to level up with twin wardens of Velvet jailer room, Justine and Caroline. You are getting confident cooperation with this unique prison house. Therefore, you simply need to fuse Personas with each uplifting challenge rather than tossing gifts and talking to them. 


Spending your playtime on Strength confidant is the key to advanced solid Personas and a pretty cool way to appreciate your game. Twin wardens have assigned you to perform numerous fusion tasks on each level. Then you can move forward to the next stage.

Now, after finishing your fusion challenges, you can attain a certain stage. You have the opportunity to learn new fusion methods and sort out your new troubles. Now, at the same time, you can simply evaluate the faults and resistances of your own Persona.

Persona 5 Royal Strength Confidant Guide 2023

Persona 5 Royal Strength Confidant


Persona 5 Royal Strength Confidant differs from all other Confidants. Other confidants stages give you a chance to boost your level by spending time with your Devils. Now, in this Strength Confidant, Justine, and Caroline love to go on outings instead of taking gifts.

Well, on outings, they simply give you prizes that are skill cards. You can use these cards to fulfill your Strength Confidant requirements. Your fusion tasks become calm by advancing your Confidant requirements thru rewards. 

Here are the features Of P5R Strength Confidant:

  • Level 1: Group Guillotine> Three Persona Fusions.
  • Level 3: Lockdown> now when any of your Persona shows new resistance, you can simply leave it in the twins’ jail.
  • Level 5: Special Treatment> In a ticket, you are skilled in merging your Persona with the next higher level of you.
  • Level 8: Guillotine Booster> You can increase the fusion numbers in triple fusions.
  • Level 10: VIP Treatment>The charges of Special Treatment unions can be dropped.

The Strength Confidant Fusion Guide for Persona 5 Royal

Detailed Persona 5 Royal Strength Confidant Guide 2023

Twin wardens are accessible in the Velvet Jail. Your new challenge of fusion is unlocked straight after completing the current task. Once you have started your journey, the next task will automatically initiate until you increase your top five levels. You will see some other tasks where you need the highest-rank Personae. 

  • Jack Frost with Mabufu- Strength Confidant 1st Rank

This game rest on your experience. Jack Frost choices the fusion skill at stage 12. Now, in such a case, if you know Morgana’s Confidant, you can combine Silky and Berith. This fusion automatically helps you level up with Jack Frost at stage 12. 

  • Ame-no-Uzume with Frei- Strength Confidant 2nd Rank

All Confidant levels never meet in brief ways. There is no crosscut way to achieve Ame-no-Uzume and Frei fusion. You can simply merge Suzaku and Berith. This fusion is cooperative for you as Suzaku can learn the Frei, just as an evaded skill. As you can get one of them by Agathion with Kushi Mitama fusion or Hua Po with Berith.  Berith’s stage is shared. Now, in case you have no fusion. You can fuse Agathion with Silky or Kelpie with Mandrake. Otherwise, you can achieve Frei’s prize card and straight merge with Ame-no-Uzume. 

  • Flauros with Tarukaja- Strength Confidant 3rd Rank

The players have a three-way fusion in this stage. They can fuse Eligor, Orobas, and Berith to comprise the specific Flauros. They can get the fusion when they have selected Tarukaja as their inherited skill. 

  • Phoenix with Counter-Strength Confidant 4th Rank

You have a handy-faith Persona after finishing this challenge. This faith Persona gives you the fantastic choice to get extra remarks in Kasumi-Confidant. You can choose the right skills of Phoenix and Counter as one of your inherited skills. Now, let’s simply make the fusion of Yaksini with Kelpie as Yaksini is capable to know Counter. The ensuing Persona will be Phoenix with Counter.

  • Setanta with Rakukaja- Strength Confidant 5th Rank

Here we will combine Silky with Lamia to obtain Setanta. You have the option to get your mission by choosing the Rakukaja Persona as your inborn skill.

  • Neko Shogun with Dekaja- Strength Confidant 6th Rank

It includes the three-way fusion to come up with Neko Shogun. You have to go for additional steps for this one step as well. You can simply fuse Kodama with Anzu and Sudama. Anzu gives Dekaja, who simply reads it on the 28th stage. For your faster Sojiro Confidant attainment, you can fuse Anzu with your Flauros. This step transmits Anzu to a level of 28. Now, you can attain your Target.

  • Lachesis with Tetraja- Strength Confidant 7th Rank

This fusion friend is a bit complex. If you are focused on getting Fortune Confidant with your Persona Chihaya, this step can make it effortlessly accessible for you. Clotho reads the Tetraja on stage 28 and starts its life from level 27.  

The substitute way is to fuse Succubus and Lilim, which can read Tetraja. The combination of the Lilim and Taka-Minataka resulted in Lachesis. Lastly, you can rank up for this confidant.

  • Hecatoncheires with Masukunda- Strength Confidant 8th Rank

You can simply get Lilim from level 34, which will learn the Masukunda. Then you can fuse Lilim to Anzu or Daisojou. It’s a straightforward way to attain confidence. 

  • Bugs with Samarecarm- Strength Confidant 9th Rank

When you remove the advanced fusion of Lovesick Cyberstalking Girl Mementos, then Bugs will be accessible to you. Mishima will notify you in July about this mission, and then you have to downfall the monster. After that, you can simply find the Mogami and complete the task. 

It would be finest if you found Pixie, Pisaca, and Hariti for this fusion. Hariti reads Samarecarm, so it must be at stage 41.  For getting Hariti, you will be able to merge Neko Shogun and Principality, Fuu-ki, and Principality, or Tam Lin and Anzu. You have Pixie in your collection. You have Pisaca in your way and fuse High Pixie, Rakshasha, or Sandman and Orobas.

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