December 20, 2023

Download Slick TV iPA for iOS 15, 16, 17 | iPhone, iPad, iPod


Slick TV IPA is the most recent smooth television application for Apple gadgets that presents you with a wide assortment of channels from across the world to invigorate your general video-watching experience.


The application presents to you the most recent news, sports, TV shows, and all that you need with simply an astounding single click. Also, to invigorate you further, the application comes liberated from cost with no secret expense or strategic sensibility.

Slick TV iPA

Slick TV iPA


About Slick TV iPA

SlickTV is a truly outstanding and broadly renowned Live television streaming application that offers almost 300+ stations from different classifications for the most part centered around Sports, Live television, Film streaming, animation channels, and other Entertainment. Likewise, Slick offers channels from 13 distinct dialects across the world.

So Install this Freemium HD live television on your iOS or Android Gadget and See everyday programs of your desired channels and cast that to your Apple television or chrome cast and watch that on your Big Screen television.

If you believe the Best Options should Slick Live television, Install Aero TV, iPlayTV, and Halow television for free of cost.

Features of Slick TV iPA

  • If you have two children at home, disregard sitting in front of the television as you won’t ever be able to do so! Slick television is a substitute choice for this issue.
  • If you are a regular Voyager and don’t have any desire to miss your desired TV programs, the Slick TV app would allow you to appreciate them all whenever anyplace with the assistance of a pertinent information association.
  • Do you become weary of continuously working in your office? Assuming you love to sit in front of the TV for your relaxation, simply have the application installed on your cell phone and appreciate everything secretly without telling your supervisor that you are staring at the television in the workplace.
  • Downloading, installing, and watching with utilized in slick television applications are extremely straightforward the same length as you have a net association. You don’t need to get it checked by applications sync or Cydia Impactor.

Benefits of Using Slick TV iPA

Here are some of the key benefits of using Slick TV iPA on your iOS devices:

  • Watch 300+ live TV channels – Get access to over 300 live TV channels across various categories like sports, news, movies, cartoons, entertainment, and more.
  • 13 language channels – Enjoy TV channels in 13 different languages from around the world.
  • Free to use – The app is completely free to download and use. There are no hidden costs or subscriptions.
  • HD streaming quality – Channels stream in high-definition for an enhanced watching experience.
  • Cast to big screen – Cast the content from your iPhone/iPad to Apple TV or Chromecast to watch it on the big screen.
  • Mobile optimization – The app is lightweight and optimized for mobile devices for smooth streaming even in low connectivity.
  • Ad-free experience – No bothersome ads to interrupt your TV watching experience.
  • Updates with new features – The app is frequently updated by developers with useful new features.

Required iOS Versions & iPhone Models to Install Slick TV iPA

Slick TV iPA is compatible with the following iOS versions and iPhone models currently:

iOS Version iPhone Models Supported
iOS 9 iPhone 5 and above
iOS 10 iPhone 5 and above
iOS 11 iPhone 5S and above
iOS 12 iPhone 5S and above
iOS 15 iPhone 6S and above
iOS 16 iPhone 8 and above
iOS 17 Yet to be tested

So if you have an iPhone running iOS 9 or above, you should be able to install and use Slick TV on your device smoothly. Support for newer iOS versions is expected to be added soon by the developers.

How to Download Slick TV iPA on iPhone?

Downloading and installing Slick TV on your iPhone is quite straightforward. You don’t need to jailbreak your device. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone.
  2. Open the TweakBox third party app store.
  3. Close any popup ads by pressing the X button.
  4. Tap on “Apps” on the top and scroll down to find “Slick TV”.
  5. Tap on Install and confirm the installation when prompted.
  6. After installation, go to Settings > General > Device Management.
  7. Find and trust the developer profile for Slick TV.
  8. Open the Slick TV app and enjoy live TV!

That’s it! SlickTV should now be ready to stream live TV channels on your iPhone. Make sure to have a good WiFi or mobile data connection for smooth streaming.

Pros and Cons of Slick TV iPA


  • 100% free to download and watch channels
  • No jailbreak or app verification needed
  • 300+ live TV channels across genres
  • Channels available in 13 global languages
  • Stream sports, movies, cartoons, news, etc.
  • HD video quality for great viewing
  • Cast streaming to Apple TV & Chromecast
  • Ad-free interface for uninterrupted watching
  • Frequent updates with new features


  • App installation bit tricky for beginners
  • Some channels may not stream smoothly
  • Limited regional/local channel options
  • Lacks advanced features like recording, reminders, etc.
  • App stability can improve further

10 Alternatives of Slick TV iPA for iPhone

Here are the 10 best free alternatives to Slick TV iPA for streaming live TV on iPhone:

  1. AeroTV – 200+ channels across entertainment, sports, news, etc.
  2. Redbox TV – High quality streams across global channels.
  3. HD Streamz – 300+ HD channels with Chromecast support.
  4. USTV GO – Focus on American television channels.
  5. Mobdro – Massive channel library with movies & shows.
  6. LiveNetTV – Huge global channel collection across genres.
  7. OTT Navigator – Great interface to discover new channels.
  8. Xumo TV – 100+ free live TV channels.
  9. Pluto TV – Robust on-demand content with some live TV.
  10. iPlay TV – Simple, free app to stream global TV channels.

These apps offer similar features as Slick TV and are free to use. Give them a try to find your perfect live TV streaming app!

FAQs about Slick TV iPA

  • Q1. How to download Slick TV on iPhone for free?

A1. Use Safari browser to open TweakBox app store on your iPhone. Search for Slick TV, tap Install, and trust the app profile in Settings to download it for free.

  • Q2. Does Slick TV work without jailbreaking iPhone?

A2. Yes, the latest version of Slick TV iPA can be installed without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad.

  • Q3. How many channels does Slick TV have?

A3. It provides over 300+ free live TV channels across 13 global languages and genres like sports, movies, entertainment etc.

  • Q4. Can I cast Slick TV to Chromecast or Apple TV?

A4. Yes, Slick TV supports casting so you can stream channels on your Chromecast, Apple TV, or smart TV screens.

  • Q5. Is Slick TV legal and safe to use?

A5. Slick TV does not host any streams itself. It simply aggregates links to third party streams. So it is considered legal to use in most regions. Safety depends on the individual streams you access.

  • Q6. Why am I getting the untrusted developer error on iPhone for Slick TV?

A6. Go to Settings > General > Device Management and trust the developer profile of the Slick TV app to fix this issue.

  • Q7. Does Slick TV drain iPhone battery faster?

A7. Streaming live video does use more battery but Slick TV is quite optimized in this aspect. Reduce brightness or use low power mode to save battery life.

  • Q8. Can I watch regional channels on Slick TV?

A8. Slick TV focuses more on global channels so options for regional content may be limited. Try apps like HD Streamz instead.

  • Q9. Does Slick TV show sports channels?

A9. Yes, it provides live streaming of 100+ sports channels across football, cricket, tennis, WWE and more.

  • Q10. What are some Slick TV iPA alternatives for iPhone?

A10. Top alternatives are AeroTV, Redbox TV, Mobdro, LiveNetTV, HD Streamz, Xumo TV, and more – all offering free live TV streams.

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In summary, Slick TV iPA offers a convenient way to stream over 300 free global live TV channels on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. With support for casting and HD streaming quality, it aims to recreate the cable TV experience on the go.

While app stability and channel variety could improve, SlickTV iOS sets itself apart by needing no subscription, jailbreak, or app validation to function. For unlimited ad-free TV entertainment, it’s undoubtedly worth downloading.

As the app continues to be updated with more features and improvements for iOS 15, iOS 16, and iOS 17, it’s only going to get better with time.

So if you love watching live entertainment, news, and sports on mobile, Slick TV is currently among the top contenders for free live TV apps on the iOS platform. Give it a shot on your iPhone today!

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