We all should use antivirus software on our smart devices such as PC, laptops, or smartphones. If you are one of them and using Avast Antivirus on PC then you must be experiencing that avast website blocking with the Avast Web Shield.

It is a security feature from Avast that helps your PC to prevent unwanted websites. But if it is annoying you then you can follow this guide to learn how to stop avast from blocking a website address and you can access all types of websites on your PC or Laptop.

How to Stop Avast Website Blocking with Avast Web Shield?

Avast Website Blocking

Avast can easily suspect normal and secured websites and sometimes, it suspects safe web pages as untrusted websites and blocks websites by the avast web shield feature. But, you can easily bypass this warning and stop avast from blocking websites again.

In this guide, I am going to share a complete step-by-step guide with you so you can learn how to disable Avast Web Shield which is the main reason for blocking suspicious websites. At the same time, you can learn how you can whitelist the websites so Avast will not block the access next time you visit them.

How to Stop Avast Website Blocking by Turning off Avast Web Shield?

Let’s start the step-by-step procedure to turn off the avast web shield so we can stop avast blocking websites.

  1. First, Open the Avast software by clicking on System Tray and double-tap on Avast Icon.
  2. Now, Click on Protection Tab on the left-hand side.
  3. Select, Core Shield (Choose Your Core Defenses) box.
  4. You can see a toggle ON on Web Shield, which you need to turn off.
  5. Now, it will ask for the duration, Select Stop Indefinitely.
  6. Now, Click on OK to confirm the setting changes.
  7. The web shield feature has been disabled.
  8. Now, Avast will not block any websites.

If you found that, Avast showing a warning with Core Shields Status, then you need to understand that Avast Web Shield is one of the most important features, and Avast recommends you to turn it on always for secure internet surfing.

So, there is one more option, which you can follow, such as adding your favorite sites in the whitelist feature. This way, you can access your favorite sites, and block other unwanted sites by Avast.

How to Add a Website Exception in Avast [Adding Whitelist in Avast]?

So, let’s learn how you can add your favorite sites in the whitelist, and let avast be free to block suspicious sites.

  1. First, launch Avast by Windows Menu bar.
  2. Now, Go to Settings.
  3. Go to Exceptions.
  4. Click on Add Exception.
  5. Add the website domain address and tap on add Exception.

So, this is the complete step-by-step solution for users who are fed up with Avast Blocking Websites by Avast Web shield feature. Now, you have two ways to get rid of this issue.

So, if you want to disable avast notifications and messages by turning on the Silent Mode. I will also cover it too.

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