Tiktok++ iPA for iOS 17 Download [Updated Version] iPhone, iPad


TikTok has exploded into one of the most popular social media apps, with over 1 billion monthly active users. But the platform isn’t without limitations. Enter TikTok++ iPA an ingenious modified version of TikTok that unlocks a slew of powerful new capabilities.


In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting TikTok++ installed on your iPhone or iPad, without any need for jailbreaking. Read on to unlock the full potential of TikTok!

Tiktok++ iPA

Tiktok++ iPA


What is TikTok++ iPA?

TikTok++ iOS 17 (also called TikTok Unicorn) is a tweaked version of the TikTok app packed with premium features not available to regular users. These include:

  • Downloading videos without watermarks.
  • Saving other profile pictures.
  • Removing all interface buttons for cleaner viewing.
  • Posting comments longer than 90 characters.
  • Viewing precise upload regions and counts.
  • Sorting liked videos chronologically.
  • Joining LIVE streams beyond time limits.
  • Uploading videos up to 30 minutes long.

So in summary, TikTok++ iOS 16 transforms an already addicting app into an even more powerful social video tool. And the best part – it’s completely free!

Installing TikTok++ IPA on iPhone

TikTok++ iPA isn’t permitted on the mainstream iOS App Store as an unofficial modified app. But thankfully there are alternative installation options for tech-savvy users:

Sideloading with Sideloadly

Sideloadly provides a streamlined computer-based install process:

  1. Download the TikTok++ iOS 15 IPA file to your Windows or Mac.
  2. Connect iPhone to computer and open Sideloadly.
  3. Drag and drop the IPA file directly into Sideloadly.
  4. Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted.
  5. Let Sideloadly deploy the app to your device!

Once installed, you may need to go enable the developer profile under Settings. Then you’re all set!

AltStore Wireless Install

AltStore enables over-the-air iOS app sideloading without cables or computers:

  1. Download AltStore to your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Transfer the TikTok++ iOS 14 IPA file via cloud or AirDrop.
  3. Navigate to “My Apps” within AltStore.
  4. Select + and choose the IPA file to begin the installation.
  5. Authenticate with Apple ID when prompted.
  6. TikTok++ iOS 17 iPA will now deploy straight to your home screen!

AltStore wraps the entire process into a quick wireless flow. Pretty ingenious!

Using TikTok++ to Master TikTok

Once TikTok++ iPA is loaded up, you gain instant access to an absolute arsenal of new features:

  • Unlock Downloads – Download any video without watermarks or limitations.
  • Profile Pictures – Save photos of profiles that interest you.
  • Clean UI Option – Enable a simplified interface for distraction-free viewing.
  • Super Comments – Write blog-style comments surpassing normal limits.
  • Precise Metrics – View exact upload regions and video counts.
  • LIVETream Freedom – Broadcast and engage beyond usual time constrictions.
  • Lengthy Uploads – Produce epic 30-minute videos to tell deeper stories.

With this utility belt of new tools, you can take your TikTok channel to all new levels! Go viral like never before.

Avoiding Bans on TikTok++ iPA

While rare, getting banned while accessing additional features on modded apps is always risky. A few tips:

  • Avoid logging into multiple TikTok apps simultaneously.
  • Don’t overtly flaunt the unlocked capabilities.
  • Use alternate accounts if concerned about the main profiles.
  • Play nice – no bullying, dangerous challenges, etc.

Just use common sense. Millions have enjoyed TikTok++ iOS 17 iPA with no issues for years. But be smart!

TikTok++ iPA vs Other TikTok Mods

Several TikTok mod variants float around for iOS devices. How does Unicorn/TikTok++ compare?

  • TikTok God – Solid option but lacks some extra analytics of TikTok++.
  • OG TikTok – Slightly outdated version missing the latest enhancements.
  • TokTik – Decent alternative but higher likelihood of getting banned.

For the richest combination of cutting-edge features alongside ironclad stability, TikTok++ leads the pack as the premiere iOS TikTok mod.

Download it today on your iPhone or iPad to dramatically step up your TikTok game!

Backing Up Your FYP on TikTok++

One of the best parts of TikTok is the algorithmically curated For You Page (FYP) showcasing content tailored to your interests. With TikTok++, you can easily save and back up your priceless FYP.

Here’s how:

  • Tap the Profile icon to access your FYP feed.
  • Use the download arrow on any video to save it directly to your Camera Roll.
  • Favorite videos you love by tapping the heart icon.
  • Saved and favorited videos persist even if removed from FYP.
  • Export backups to cloud storage or computers periodically.

This gives you an always-accessible archive of those magical videos that tickle your fancy! Prevent losing gems that bring you joy.

Scheduling Content with TikTok++ App on iPhone:

Dreaming up creative video ideas is the fun part. Finding time to produce and upload is tougher.

TikTok++ makes it simple to plan and schedule content in advance:

  • Tap the Drafts icon within the upload flow.
  • Record a video or upload it from your library.
  • Set a future date and time for the post to go live.
  • Write captions/descriptions ahead of schedule.
  • Let TikTok++ automatically handle the rest!

Now you can map out an entire month of videos at once without pressure or hurry. Stay consistently engaging with no sweat.

Collaborating Via Duets and Stitches

Duets and Stitches on TikTok enable reacting to and building upon others’ videos. TikTok++ iOS 16 helps optimize the creative process:

  • Use download to save any video to your library for future Duets/Stitches.
  • Mark favorites you may want to riff on down the road.
  • Tap the Share icon on downloads to begin a new Duet/Stitch.
  • Draw upon your existing content library at any time.

No need to constantly re-find videos on an endless feed. TikTok++ facilitates seamless collaborations!

Active Hack Monitoring with TikTok++

Since TikTok++ unlocks hidden functions, some may worry about getting hacked. Thankfully, the app provides multi-layered security:

  • ✅ Two-factor authentication via SMS or authenticator apps.
  • ✅ Login notifications to alert on unauthorized access attempts.
  • ✅ Active session monitoring displaying devices signed in.
  • ✅ Password change prompts if a breach is suspected.
  • ✅ Activity history logs to trace any issues.

So if you notice odd behavior, TikTok++ enables swiftly invalidating sessions, resetting passwords, and locking things back down. Regain peace of mind!

Optimizing Hashtags & Discovery on TikTok++

Building a loyal following is vital on TikTok. TikTok+ equips next-level analytics for optimizing discoverability:

  • 📈 View detailed tag performance – which hashtags drive the most traffic.
  • 📊 Compare hashtag usage between top creators.
  • 📈 Filter video views by source – Explore, Profile, Hashtag, etc.
  • 📈 Identify which tags trend most with your niche.
  • 📈 Unearth rising tags perfect for early adoption.

Solving the hashtag puzzle accelerates growth dramatically. TikTok++ provides the missing clues!

Promoting Lives Streams with TikTok++

LIVE streaming is hugely influential on TikTok. TikTok++ amplifies promotion to drive viewership:

  • 📢 Schedule stream notifications ahead of going live.
  • 📢 Design eye-catching premade countdown thumbnails.
  • 📢 Tag collaborators to leverage combined fans.
  • 📢 Share stream links and reminders across platforms.
  • 📢 Monitor real-time traffic, comments, and heatmap analytics.

Take advantage to build momentum and interactivity before even starting!

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Final Thoughts on TikTok++ iPA:

TikTok is already addictively fun in its default form. But TikTok++ amplifies its capabilities to all new levels thanks to:

  • ✅ Downloads without watermarks
  • ✅ Saving profile pictures
  • ✅ Unlimited live streaming
  • ✅ Posting expanded comments
  • ✅ Precise viewing metrics
  • ✅ And much more!

Unleash the real power of TikTok on iOS with TikTok++ iPA now just an install away using Sideloadly or AltStore. Transform not only how you use TikTok, but open up new creative possibilities for the type of content you can produce.

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