November 30, 2023

Twitch++ iPA iOS 15 Download for iPhone 2024


Twitch++ iPA is a modified version of the popular live streaming platform Twitch, designed specifically for iOS devices. It provides an enhanced experience for gamers who want to broadcast or watch live gaming content on their iPhones and iPads.


In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Twitch++, including its key features, installation methods using AltStore and TutuApp, top alternatives, FAQs, and more.

Whether you are looking to stream mobile games or enjoy ad-free viewing, read on to see if Twitch++ is the right fit for your iOS device.

Twitch++ IPA

Twitch++ IPA


What is Twitch++?

Twitch++ iPA is a tweaked third-party version of the official Twitch app that offers additional features not available in the original.

It provides an improved streaming and viewing experience by removing ads, enabling background play, adding download options, and more.

Developed by Twitch Interactive, Twitch++ retains the core functionality of Twitch while unlocking extra perks through unofficial modification. It does not require you to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to install and use it.

Twitch++’s App Information:

  • App Name: Twitch++
  • Developer: Twitch Interactive, Inc.
  • Compatibility: iOS 9 and later (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Latest Version: v13.1
  • Size: 54.90MB
  • Last Updated: March 2023
  • Available On: AltStore, TutuApp
  • License Type: Free
  • Total Downloads: 1,000,000+

Twitch++ Key Features

Twitch++ unlocks several useful capabilities not natively supported in the standard Twitch mobile app. Here are some of the most notable features you can enjoy:

  • Ad-Free Streaming

One major advantage of Twitch++ is the ability to watch endless live broadcasts completely free of video advertisements. This allows for uninterrupted viewing.

  • Landscape Chat

The modified app enables Twitch’s chat window to remain visible even when holding your phone horizontally in landscape orientation.

  • Background Playback

You can minimize the app to use other functions on your iPhone or iPad, without the active Twitch stream pausing playback in the background.

  • Video Downloads

Save copies of your favorite streams and VODs locally to your device storage through the built-in download tool.

  • Enhanced Interface

Twitch++ makes adjustments to the Twitch interface, streamlining menus and making key options more conveniently accessible.

  • No Jailbreak Necessary

Unlike many modified iOS apps, you can install Twitch++ free of any complex jailbreaking. Simple sideloading methods detailed below allow quick, easy setup.

These premium features make Twitch++ a great way to elevate your mobile streaming experience beyond the capabilities of the stock Twitch app from the App Store.

Installing Twitch++ on iPhone and iPad

Since Twitch++ is not officially available on the App Store, you need to sideload the IPA file using a third-party iOS app store. The two most popular options are AltStore and TutuApp.

Both stores provide simple ways to install unapproved apps like Twitch++ without jailbreaking your device. Here is an overview explaining how to download Twitch++ using each platform:

Option 1: Install via AltStore

AltStore allows sideloading apps by exploiting an Apple developer loophole, enabling free app installs through the use of provisioning profiles. Follow these steps:

  1. Use Safari on your iPhone/iPad to download the Twitch++ IPA file.
  2. Open AltStore and tap the + button.
  3. Select the downloaded IPA from the file manager.
  4. Enter your Apple ID credentials when prompted.
  5. AltStore will complete the sideload process within a few minutes.
  6. You can now open Twitch++ from the AltStore menu or your home screen!

Option 2: Install via TutuApp

TutuApp is a full-featured third-party app store providing quick access to thousands of mods and tweaks. Here is how to download Twitch++:

  1. Download and install the TutuApp client on your iOS device.
  2. Open TutuApp and search for “Twitch++”.
  3. Tap Install next to the latest Twitch++ IPA.
  4. Once downloaded, enable the app via Settings > General > Profiles.
  5. Click Trust on the TutuApp developer profile.
  6. Launch Twitch++ from the home screen to start using it!

Twitch++ Alternatives for iOS

While Twitch++ is a great choice for enhancing your mobile Twitch experience, there are a few other iOS streaming platforms that offer comparable capabilities.

If you want to evaluate additional options before deciding on Twitch++, below are 5 top alternatives worth considering:

  • YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming brings the popular video site’s massive infrastructure to live streaming. Leverage YouTube’s discovery tools and monetization options for increased exposure.

  • Streamlabs

Streamlabs provides advanced professional live streaming tools like overlays along with options to broadcast to various platforms simultaneously.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine offers a slick viewer interface to watch streams and chat. Built-in tools allow broadcasting directly to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

  • Ustream

Ustream is a reliable classic platform that remains popular thanks to its high-quality streams and efficient mobile interface.

  • Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming allows streaming directly to your Facebook followers. Built-in community tools make it easy to grow an audience organically.

Twitch++ FAQs Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Twitch++ for iOS:

Is Twitch++ safe to use?

Twitch++ is generally safe, but it’s recommended to use a secure VPN connection while streaming or watching content to keep your activity private. As with any unofficial app download, proceed at your own risk.

  • Does Twitch++ cost money?

No, Twitch++ is completely free just like the standard Twitch mobile app. There are no fees or in-app purchases associated with installation or usage.

  • Can I live stream mobile games through Twitch++?

Yes! Twitch++ fully supports mobile game live streaming using your device’s front or rear cameras. Audio and video quality may depend on your iPhone/iPad model.

  • What iOS devices work with Twitch++?

Twitch++ is compatible with any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 9.0 or later. This allows you to install it on fairly recent hardware.

  • Can I use Twitch Extensions on Twitch++?

Unfortunately, Twitch Extensions are not currently supported in the mobile Twitch++ app, but they function normally when accessing Twitch from a mobile browser.

  • Does the MultiTwitch site work with Twitch++?

Yes! You can use to watch multiple Twitch++ iPA streams simultaneously side-by-side in a single browser window. Streams will function just like the desktop Twitch website.

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For iOS users looking to enhance their Twitch streaming experience, Twitch++ iPA is an excellent option with many advantages over the standard mobile app.

Easy sideloading methods make installing the modded IPA simple without requiring a full-on jailbreak.

Once set up, you can broadcast mobile gameplay while chatting with viewers in landscape orientation, or just kick back and binge Twitch streams for hours completely free of pesky ads.

Background audio, downloading capability, and customizations expand what you can do beyond the official App Store app.

While native iOS platforms like YouTube Gaming or Facebook Gaming provide great alternatives, Twitch++ perfectly complements the popular gaming-centric features of Twitch for a superior iPhone or iPad streaming platform.

Download Twitch++ today to start enjoying premium mobile live streaming on your Apple device!

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