December 15, 2023

uYou+ iPA iOS 15, 16, 17 [Download uYouPlus iPA 2024]


uYou+ IPA (also called uYouPlus or uYou Plus) is a modified version of YouTube for iOS that unlocks all kinds of useful features and tools for free. With uYou+, you can finally enjoy ad-free and background YouTube playback on your iPhone or iPad. Plus, you get to download videos of any quality, see exact dislike counts, and much more without paying a dime.


I’m sure you must be wondering how to get uYou+ installed on your device. Well, it’s a pretty straightforward process. Since uYou+ IPA is not available on the App Store, you need to sideload it using AltStore. Don’t worry, I’ll explain how to download uYou+ IPA and get it installed on your iPhone with a simple step-by-step tutorial later in the article.

With uYou+, watching YouTube will become an absolute pleasure on your iOS device rather than a frustrating experience. No more annoying app limitations hampering your viewing experience. You get to enjoy all the premium perks for free!

I’ve been using uYou+ for a while now on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and it has been an absolute game changer. The ad-free viewing alone makes it super worth it. Plus being able to play videos in the background and download them for offline viewing is just the cherry on top.

So if you’re fed up with the stock YouTube app on your iPhone and want to unlock its full potential, then uYou+ IPA is exactly what you need. In this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to install uYou+, its features, usage tips, and so much more!

uYou+ IPA

uYou+ IPA


What is uYou+ IPA?

uYou+ IPA, also known as uYouPlus, is a modified version of the YouTube app for iOS devices. It is based on the original uYou tweak but with major improvements and new features added.

The uYou+ IPA gives you access to YouTube Premium features like ad-free viewing, background play, and much more – for free. It’s like having Vanced for iOS.

Some of the standout features of uYou+ include:

  • Ad-free YouTube – Enjoy videos without annoying ads interrupting your viewing experience.
  • Background playback – Start a video and keep watching or listening even when you switch apps or lock your screen.
  • Download videos – Save videos, music, and YouTube Shorts locally on your device for offline playback.
  • Show dislikes – See the exact dislike count on videos.
  • PiP support – Watch videos in a floating mini player while multitasking.
  • And much more! We’ll take a deeper look at the features next.

In a nutshell, uYou+ IPA unlocks the full potential of YouTube on your iPhone and iPad, providing the ultimate viewing experience.

Features of uYou+ IPA

Let’s take a look at some of the top features of the uYou+ IPA in detail:

  • Ad-Free YouTube

One of the best things about uYou+ is enjoying YouTube completely ad-free. No more annoying video ads or banners disrupting your viewing.

YouTube’s premium service charges $11.99 per month just for ad removal. With uYou+, it’s free.

  • Background Playback

Thanks to background playback, you can start watching a video then lock your screen or switch to another app, and the audio will keep playing.

The stock YouTube app pauses videos when minimizing the app. uYou+ enables seamless background audio playback like a music app.

  • Download Videos, Music & Shorts

The download feature is arguably the most popular aspect of uYou+. It lets you save videos, audio, and Shorts locally so you can watch them offline when you don’t have an internet connection.

You can download videos up to 4K resolution and in any available format – MP4, WebM, MP3, M4A. No limits on quality or quantity.

  • Show Exact Dislike Counts

YouTube controversially decided to hide public dislike counts on videos. uYou+ brings back the ability to see the exact number of dislikes on any video.

Seeing dislike counts gives you a better idea of a video’s reception and can help avoid clickbait or low-quality content.

  • PiP Mode

PiP or Picture-in-Picture mode lets you watch a mini floating player overlayed on top of other apps. You can browse other apps while your video continues playing uninterrupted.

  • Custom Gestures

uYou+ allows customizing gestures for convenient media playback control. For example, swipe left/right to control brightness, and volume, or skip back/forward.

  • iPad Style Interface

The iPad interface modifies the layout to take advantage of the larger screen real estate. You get a two-column design that shows comments, related videos, and descriptions alongside the main player.

  • No Login Required

uYou+ does not need you to log in with a Google account to work. Just install the IPA and start enjoying ad-free YouTube.

  • Cercube Migration

If you currently use Cercube for YouTube, uYou+ makes it easy to migrate your downloaded videos and playlists in one click.

  • Plus Much More!

Other features include whitelisting channels from ads, a compact mini player, control playback speed, support for multiple accounts, and more.

As you can see, uYou+ truly unlocks the full potential of YouTube on iOS with a ton of useful features.

Pros and Cons of uYou+ IPA on iPhone


  • Ad-free viewing experience
  • Download videos & music
  • Background audio playback
  • See exact dislike counts
  • PiP floating player
  • Gesture controls for convenient playback
  • Migrate downloads from Cercube
  • Feature-packed YouTube client


  • Need to sideload with AltStore or jailbreak
  • Missing some newer YouTube features
  • Can’t sign in to multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Needs a computer for initial install
  • May not be as stable as the official app

While uYou+ has some limitations like the need to sideload, it provides an insanely better YouTube experience compared to the stock iOS app. The pros easily outweigh the cons for most users.

How to Download uYou+ IPA and Install on iPhone?

uYou+ is not available on the App Store since it violates YouTube’s terms of service. So you need to download the IPA file and sideload it using Cydia Impactor or a signing service.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download and install uYou+ IPA on your iPhone or iPad using AltStore.

Step 1: Install AltServer on the Computer

First, you need to install AltServer on your Windows or Mac computer.

  • Go to and download AltServer for your computer OS.
  • Install the AltServer application on your computer.
  • Launch AltServer and keep it running.

Step 2: Install AltStore on iPhone

Now you can install the AltStore app on your iOS device:

  • Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer via USB.
  • Open AltStore on your device. It should be listed under Apps on Springboard.
  • Enter your Apple ID when prompted and click Next. This will begin installing AltStore.

AltStore uses your Apple ID to sign and install third party apps.

Step 3: Download uYou+ IPA

Go to any site hosting uYou+ IPA (like AppDB) and download the latest version .ipa file to your computer.

Step 4: Install uYou+ IPA using AltStore

  • In AltStore on your iPhone, go to the “My Apps” tab.
  • Tap the plus + icon and select the uYouPlus.ipa file you downloaded to your computer.
  • AltStore will now install uYou+ on your device.

Once installed, you can open uYou+ from the Home screen to start using it!

Step 5: Re-Sign uYou+ IPA

Apps installed via AltStore need to be resigned every 7 days. When uYou+ is close to expiry, go to My Apps in AltStore and tap the Renew button next to it to re-sign it for another 7 days.

And that’s it! Follow these steps and you can install and use the latest uYou+ IPA on your iPhone or iPad.

FAQs About uYou+ IPA

Let’s answer some commonly asked questions about uYou+ IPA:

  • 1. Is uYou+ IPA safe to use?

Yes, uYou+ is safe to use and does not harm your device. As long as you download from trusted sources, it is virus-free.

  • 2. Does it work on iPhone and iPad?

uYou+ works on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 13.0 or later. It supports all iPhones and iPad models.

  • 3. Is it legal to use uYou+?

No. Modifying YouTube’s app violates their terms. uYou+ should only be used for personal entertainment.

  • 4. Can I sign in to my YouTube account?

Currently, only one account can remain signed in. You have to sign out before adding another.

  • 5. Does it work without jailbreak?

Yes! You can install uYou+ using AltStore which does not require jailbreak.

  • 6. Where do downloads get saved?

Downloaded videos get saved to the app’s Documents folder. You can access them using the Files app.

  • 7. Can I transfer downloads to the stock YouTube app?

No, downloaded videos only work inside uYou+’s custom player.

  • 8. How do I migrate downloads from Cercube?

When you first open uYou+, it will detect Cercube and show a Transfer button to import your downloads.

  • 9. Does uYou+ drain more battery?

There is a slight increase in battery usage since it blocks ads. But it’s minimal compared to the benefits.

  • 10. Will my account get banned for using it?

It is highly unlikely. YouTube has no way to detect uYou+ usage on your device.

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uYou+ IPA brings an insanely better YouTube experience to iPhone and iPad users. You get all the benefits of a premium account like no ads, background play, and downloading – entirely for free.

While the app needs to be sideloaded, the tutorial above makes installing uYou+ quick and hassle-free using AltStore. Once set up, you can enjoy the ultimate ad-free YouTube app with premium features unlocked.

So if you own an iPhone or iPad and want to supercharge your YouTube experience, give uYou+ IPA a try! It will completely transform the way you watch, listen and interact with YouTube on your iOS device.

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