September 6, 2023

Understanding the Basics of Metrology Services: What You Need to Know


Have you ever wondered what metrology services are? How are they used? Let me assure you: you are not alone!


Metrology services can be a bit overwhelming with all the technical terminology and industry-specific jargon. Don’t worry, we can help!

With this article, you will have a complete understanding of the basics of metrology services. Read on!

What Are Metrology Services?

Metrology is the science of measurement. Thus, metrology services use scientific knowledge to measure, inspect, and analyze dimensions within a product.

This type of service helps ensure that parts fit correctly. It also ensures that production standards are being met. The data can be used to improve the following:

  • product design
  • quality control
  • production processes

Understanding the basics of metrology services is essential to having a successful product.

Industries That Need Metrology Services

Metrology services are essential across a variety of industries. These industries need accurate measurements for their processes.

Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and defense industries rely heavily on metrology services. In these industries, metrology services measure the aircraft parts’:

  • dimensions
  • shape
  • weight
  • force
  • temperature
  • vibration

Quality control and safety assurance are of the utmost importance. Metrological measurements can reveal defects that impact the performance of an aircraft component. They can also detect any errors or inconsistencies from production.

Automotive Manufacturing

In automotive manufacturing, metrology sciences are applied to ensure parts critical to safety, performance, and longevity are made to a high degree of precision. Quality control is strictly monitored in the automotive sector.

Metrology services using advanced tools such as laser metrology, 3D metrology imaging, and scanning help manufacturers achieve the strict quality control standards that make automotive parts safe and long-lasting.

Medical and Healthcare

Metrology services are essential in the field of medicine and healthcare. Metrological measurements are used in the following:

  • development of medical devices
  • tracking of patient data
  • calibration of laboratory testing equipment

Metrology services are essential for creating medical devices that are reliable, safe, and accurate. They also provide clinicians with accurate data.

Electronics and Semiconductor

Metrology services are essential in the electronics and semiconductor industries. Metrology services are used to measure, analyze, and verify parameters such as:

  • dimensions
  • force
  • voltage
  • current
  • temperature

These services provide traceability to national and international standards. This way, they can help document and ensure that processes are correct and data are high quality.

Tools Used in Metrology Services

A few of the tools used to perform metrology services include:

  • coordinate measuring machines (CMMs)
  • optical comparators
  • vision systems
  • laser systems
  • gauging equipment
  • metrologic scanner

CMMs are used to measure points, planes, lines, and surfaces. Meanwhile, optical comparators asses parts and equipment for features and quality.

Vision systems are perfect for automated inspection. Moreover, laser systems can take three-dimensional measurements for a variety of geometries.

Lastly, gauging equipment can measure physical properties such as bore diameters, thread forms, and wall-thickness variation.

Metrology services help businesses pinpoint a product’s smallest discrepancies and features. So make sure to find the proper tools, like the best 3D scanners for your business.

Learn More About Metrology Services

Metrology services are an integral part of engineering and manufacturing. Understanding the basics of metrology services can help businesses improve their quality and efficiency. To learn more, contact a metrology expert today to discuss your needs and find metrology solutions that are tailored to your business.

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