How to Find Reputable Cleaning Services for an Airbnb


Were you aware that cleaning services for Airbnb hosts are a necessity?


The Airbnb vacation rental has changed the way many people travel and how they book lodging. This has transformed the service industry, especially when it comes to cleaning.

Airbnb cleaning services are essential for hosts. If you have an Airbnb and have not used them, read on to find reputable cleaning services for Airbnb.

Check Out Reviews and References

Checking online reviews provides an opportunity to see what past customers have to say about the service. Additionally, ask family, friends, or colleagues for references for a cleaning service they have used for an Airbnb. This will give you an idea of the quality of service to expect.

Take the time to read online reviews and secure references from a trusted source. This will give peace of mind that the cleaning service being chosen is reputable and trustworthy.

Consider Certifications and Licensing

Look for professional organizations in the cleaning industry that have certifications associated with training and performance. Such associations are often the indicator of a professional, skilled cleaning service. Inquire if the cleaning service is licensed by your local government to legally operate as a business in your area.

This can provide more security as you know they’re monitored and kept to standards. Ask for proof of license and certifications when interviewing potential cleaning services to ensure they are the right fit.

Evaluate Expertise and Experience

Contact the service provider directly and ask questions about their track record of experience. Reputable Airbnb cleaning services should have a proven history of cleaning units. They should have a portfolio of consistently positive reviews to demonstrate their skills.

Ask about the following:

  • staff’s qualifications and experience
  • staff training
  • cleaning products they use
  • policy for cleaning timelines

Ask About Special Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols

Professional cleaners should use EPA-approved disinfectants for areas where coronavirus is known to linger, such as:

  • bathrooms
  • bedrooms
  • kitchens
  • high-touch surfaces

Inquire about the specific cleaning products they use, as well as the types of protective equipment they wear while performing the work. It is also important to ask if they use green, eco-friendly, and biomimetic cleaning products which are safer for people and the environment.

Compile Quotes for Different Cleaning Services

Call each provider to discuss their services, timeline, and cost. If available, try to get a free quote for comparison and to get an idea of the rates each service is charging.

Be sure to discuss all the different cleaning services they offer and request a written contract for any agreement. Don’t forget to discuss payment and other fees.

Start Your Search for the Best Cleaning Services for Airbnb Today

Using an experienced and professional cleaning service for your Airbnb can alleviate the worries of keeping up with turnover and ensure your guests have a great experience. We’ve outlined how to research, check reviews, and ask the right questions to find reputable cleaning services for Airbnb listings.

Choose the right cleaning service and take the steps to keep your Airbnb clean and organized. Take action now and make your Airbnb a shining success story!

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