Show No Shark Tank Net Worth 2023


A mother of two boys, Shelley Ehler, found herself struggling to change her sons’ swimsuits simultaneously while at the pool. During this chaotic moment, a light bulb went off, leading to the innovative idea of Show No Towels. In this guide, you will find everything about the brand called show no and what is Show No Shark Tank Net Worth 2023 now, and much more.


This versatile towel could be worn as a shawl or bath towel and was perfect for covering up while changing in public.

Show No Shark Tank Net Worth 2023

Show No Shark Tank Net Worth


Show No Shark Tank Net Worth 2023

The valuation was $200,000 when the company appeared on Shark Tank. Unfortunately, as of 2023, the net worth is unknown due to the company going out of business.

The Business of Show No Towels

Shelley patented her invention and managed to get it licensed to several water parks throughout California, including prominent ones like Six Flags Magic Mountain and LEGOLAND.

Show No Towels caught the public’s eye on Season 3 of Shark Tank when Shelley showcased the unique design, which included armholes to be worn like a poncho.

The towel’s main advantage was providing privacy and convenience for changing in public areas, such as the beach or poolside. Moreover, it was a great hit among parents who needed a practical solution for their children to change clothes without exposure.

Shelley entered Shark Tank seeking $50,000 for a 25% stake. She passionately explained the multiple uses and conveniences of her product. Lori Greiner was impressed and agreed to invest $75,000 for the same 25% stake.

Together, they worked to refine the product, extend the line, and expand distribution channels, boosting visibility and sales.

The Versatility of Show No Towels

Show No was not just a towel; it was a multi-functional solution for various scenarios. It could act as a cover-up, a regular towel, or even a blanket.

Its distinct feature was a center cutout designed to fit over a child’s head, making it easy for them to change wet clothes. This invention turned out to be particularly popular among children who enjoyed swimming and playing at the beach.

The design provided comfort and eliminated awkward feelings during clothing changes.

The Visionary Behind Show No

Shelley Ehler’s journey was not ordinary. Apart from being a mother, she was a wife, life coach, part-time school teacher, and an award-winning speaker.

Her mantra, “Dream it, Believe it, Let it go,” guided her even after facing a failed venture. Her simple yet innovative idea turned into a business that inspired many.

Show No Brand Before Shark Tank

Shelley’s entrepreneurial spirit drove her to transform an everyday struggle into a business opportunity. Families often faced difficulty finding suitable locations for children to change in and out of bathing suits comfortably.

Show No was a simple and fun product that addressed this issue, making it easier for children to change clothes at the beach, pool, or even during bath time. Shelley had started Show No independently and achieved some success, but she wanted to take it further.

Her appearance on Shark Tank was a step towards finding the right mentor and partner to elevate her business.

The Shark Tank Experience

Shelley’s pitch was bold and memorable. She asked for $50,000 for a 25% stake in Show No Towels. Her compelling story and the demonstration by her sons grabbed the Sharks’ attention.

While some Sharks opted out, the bidding war among Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Mark Cuban resulted in Lori Greiner investing $75,000 for a 25% stake.

Post Shark Tank Journey

The journey after Shark Tank had its ups and downs. Shelley and Lori brought Show No Towels to the Today Show and even secured a supply contract for Disney World’s Water Park.

However, difficulties in mass production and profitability led to a fallout with Lori Greiner. Show No’s contract with Disney did not renew, and although the product was briefly popular, it struggled to maintain momentum.

Business Model and Revenue

Show No Towels’ revenue primarily came from supplying towels to water parks. The cost of production was $6, and the towels were sold in bulk for $9 each, retailing at $19.99.

The high-profit margin and customization options for logos helped secure deals with major parks.

The End of Show No Towels

By 2023, Show No Towel ceased its operations. Though it started with a bright spark and saw some success, it eventually struggled to find a sustainable market. The website became inactive, and social media updates ceased.

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Show No Towels is a remarkable story of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, success, and challenges. Shelley Ehler’s simple idea, driven by a mother’s need, turned into a business venture that inspired many.

Though the company did not sustain itself in the long run, it remains a valuable lesson in business ingenuity, resilience, and the power of a great idea.

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