The Ultimate Guide to LinkPop


Linkpop is an excellent tool for businesses of all sizes and social media influencers. It offers a variety of features that make it stand out from similar tools like Linktree, and it is easy to use.


It’s free to create a Linkpop page and curate your top links. Including hyperlinks to your website, YouTube channel, and Spotify playlists is possible.

How to create a link pop page

A LinkedIn page allows you to create an elegant and organized space to highlight your social media profiles, website, blog, or products. It also makes it easy to share your links with one click.

You only need a URL and a few minutes to add your content. The UI is easy to navigate and shows changes in real-time so you can customize your page.

You can even add product links that generate a buy modal in a new tab on your page for a seamless shopping experience. Ferhnvi, a fashion clothing store, uses this feature to showcase its premium outerwear collection. Their page includes many icons, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. It also has a link to their online shop. This makes it easy for customers to access all the other items in their collection. The product-focused layout is also well-suited to the niche of their brand.

How to add shoppable links

The new link in bio tool from Shopify, linkpop, is a platform for social media influencers and small businesses to showcase their online content and products on one custom landing page. With its features tailor-fit for commerce, Linkpop lets users add links to their websites, Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, TikTok channels, YouTube videos, podcasts, and more. Then, when customers click on a product link, it opens up a handy Buy modal where they can check out in just three easy steps.

With a free Linkpop page, users can curate up to five different links and create customized URLs to share across their social channels. Linkpop also includes analytics tools to help users track page views and link click-through rates. In addition to monetizing their Linkpop pages with shoppable products, creators can use the app to build brand awareness and follower counts. It’s available for anyone, whether they have a Shopify store or not.

How to create a shoppable link pop page on Instagram

Linkpop is a powerful tool that streamlines the customer experience, reducing the number of steps from social media to your online store. It can help increase conversion rates and make shopping easier for users on mobile devices.

When creating a Linkpop page, you must provide a profile picture, name, and bio. You’ll also need to choose a username for your unique Linkpop URL.

Once you’ve completed the necessary information, click the “Create Profile” button. After that, you can add your products and links to the page. You can also customize the design of your Linkpop page by clicking the Style tab. This allows you to change the background color, add a custom image, and adjust the card and link colors. You can even alter the card shape and fonts. The app also provides analytics tools to help you measure your performance. You can even track the number of people who have clicked your links and what sales they’ve made.

How to create a shoppable link pop page on TikTok

Linkpop is a free tool that enables merchants to create a mobile-friendly link on their bio page. Linkpop is an excellent option for businesses looking to drive sales and engagement on TikTok.

Unlike other link-in-bio tools, Linkpop integrates with Shopify’s ecommerce platform, making promoting shopping experiences easier. For example, a musician can use Linkpop to facilitate links to their merch store, YouTube channel, and Spotify playlist on one page. Linkpop also offers best-in-class checkout for buyers, so they don’t have to leave the page to purchase a product.

Some brands, like hair removal brand Sugardoh, even use their Linkpop to link people to non-product-related pages, such as their FAQs or help page. These kinds of pages can help reduce customer churn and increase brand loyalty. Moreover, the free analytics tools with Linkpop help merchants understand who their visitors are and what they’re buying. They can then optimize their content to meet their customers’ needs.

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