Toonily APK Download v3.6 for Android Latest 2023


Manga and manhwa have become immensely popular around the world in recent years. While manga refers to Japanese comics, manhwa specifically denotes Korean comics. With intricate storylines, vivid artwork, and complex characters, these graphic novels have captured the fascination of millions of readers globally.


If you’re a manhwa enthusiast looking to read and download your favorite titles on your Android device, Toonily is arguably one of the best apps out there for that purpose.

Toonily APK 2023

Toonily APK


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Toonily, from its features and usage to downloading the app on your device. Let’s get started!

What is Toonily?

Toonily is a free mobile application that allows users to access and download manhwa comics directly on their Android smartphones and tablets.

Developed by a team of dedicated manhwa fans, Toonily aims to become the go-to resource for reading high-quality Korean graphic novels on the go.

The app provides unlimited access to a massive catalog of manhwa comprising over 5000 titles spanning various genres such as action, adventure, drama, fantasy, romance, thriller, and more.

Whether you’re looking for all-time classics like Solo Leveling and Tower of God or a newly released series, Toonily has got you covered.

Why Choose Toonily APK for Reading Manhwa?

Here are some of the key benefits of using Toonily over other apps and sites:

  • Huge library: As mentioned earlier, Toonily grants access to over 5000 manhwa titles with new additions happening regularly. You’ll never run out of interesting stories to dive into.
  • Intuitive interface: The app is designed to make searching, browsing, and reading manhwa a seamless experience. The clean, minimalist interface allows you to efficiently find titles according to genre, popularity, latest updates, etc.
  • Offline reading: You can download any title for offline viewing. This makes Toonily ideal for reading on the go when you don’t have an active internet connection.
  • Free service: Toonily is completely free to use with no annoying ads or hidden charges.
  • Regular updates: New chapters and series are added frequently so you can keep up with all your favorites.
  • Multi-language support: The app supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, and Indonesian languages.

Key Features of Toonily APK:

Here’s a more detailed overview of some of the notable features offered by Toonily:

  • Massive Digital Library

As mentioned earlier, the most standout aspect of Toonily is its vast catalog spanning over 5000 manhwa titles across genres and formats. From popular full-color comics to classic black-and-white manhwa, you’ll discover an unmatched collection.

The library is systematically organized so you can browse titles by genres like action, romance, drama, fantasy, horror, school life, sci-fi, sports, etc. There’s a separate category for completed series as well.

  • Intuitive Reading Experience

The reading interface has been designed to provide a comfortable user experience. Pages load quickly and you can easily zoom & pan images. Useful features like quick page navigation, content bookmarking, and night/day modes enhance the reading experience further.

  • Latest Chapter Updates

You can subscribe to your favorite series so that you never miss an update. The ‘Latest Release’ section highlights newly added chapters across all titles.

  • Offline Downloads

If you frequently find yourself with no internet access, Toonily enables offline downloads so you can read on trains, flights, and anywhere without connectivity. Simply tap the ‘download’ option for any series and the entire comic will be available for offline access.

  • Multi-Language Support

In addition to English, Toonily supports Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, and Indonesian languages. So no matter what language you prefer reading in, the experience remains top-notch.

  • Smooth Navigation

The app interface makes it extremely easy to find the kind of titles you want. Apart from genre categories, there are separate sections for top-rated, most-followed, completed series, latest updates, and more. A handy search bar lets you look for specific manhwa by title or keywords.

  • User Accounts

Creating a Toonily account unlocks added features like bookmarking, download tracking, comments, and more personalized recommendations. Signing up is quick and easy.

  • Minimal Ads

Despite being a free service, Toonily does not bombard you with excessive ads like some other sites/apps. There are occasional full-screen ads but these can be easily dismissed.

How to Download and Install Toonily APK on Android?

Unfortunately, Toonily is not officially available on the Google Play Store. But not to worry – you can download and install the app easily through the APK file using the following steps:

  1. Download the latest Toonily APK file from a trusted source. We recommend getting it from the official Toonily site.
  2. Enable ‘Install from unknown source’ on your Android device by going to Settings > Security and toggling on the option.
  3. Install the Toonily APK file on your device by opening the downloaded file.
  4. The app will begin installing. The process completes within seconds.
  5. You can now open Toonily from the app drawer and start exploring the huge manhwa library!

Note that you’ll need Android 4.4 and up to install the app. The APK download is completely safe as long as you obtain it from the official source. The entire process doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Tips for Getting the Best Experience from Toonily Apk

Here are some handy tips to optimize your reading experience on Toonily:

  • Create an account to access additional features and personalized suggestions.
  • Download comics for offline reading before traveling or commuting.
  • Enable notifications to stay updated with new chapter alerts of the following series.
  • Use the ‘Continue Reading’ section to quickly resume from where you left off.
  • Adjust the Reader settings for options like font, text size, brightness, etc.
  • Tap the info (i) icon on any series to check the summary, reviews, and comments before starting.
  • Make use of filters like genres, formats, and ratings to discover new manhwa you’ll love.
  • Explore the latest releases and staff picks sections for trending series recommendations.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions if you face any issues while using the app.

Toonily vs. Other Manhwa Reading Apps

How does Toonily fare against some of the other popular manhwa apps out there? Here’s a brief comparison:


  • Huge catalog of 5000+ manhwa
  • Free, ad-supported
  • Minimalist design
  • Advanced reader features
  • Supports offline downloads


  • Mix of manhwa, manhua and manga
  • Freemium model (some titles paid)
  • More visual ads
  • Social features like groups
  • The lower number of titles

Manga Reader

  • Geared more towards manga than manhwa
  • Overwhelming interface
  • Primarily online reading
  • Lacks advanced reader functions

Mr Comics

  • Focus on manhwa
  • Paid subscription model
  • Community features
  • Smaller library compared to Toonily


  • Originals and canvas webcomics
  • Vertical scrolling
  • Daily update schedules
  • Limited classic manhwa content

So in summary, Toonily leads the pack when it comes to delivering a premium manhwa reading experience for free. The vast catalog, smooth UX, lack of intrusive ads, and regular updates keep it a step above competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toonily APK:

Here are some common queries about Toonily answered:

  • Is Toonily legal to use?

Yes, Toonily is a 100% legal platform for reading manhwa. They have licenses for all the titles hosted on their platform.

  • Is reading on Toonily completely free?

Absolutely! You can access the entire manhwa catalog on Toonily without paying anything. There are occasional ads but these don’t hinder the reading experience.

  • How frequently are new chapters added?

New manhwa chapters and series are added daily. You’ll never run out of fresh content.

  • Can I download Manhwa for offline viewing?

Yes, Toonily allows downloading manhwa for offline reading when you don’t have an internet connection.

  • Is there an iOS version available?

Unfortunately, Toonily is currently only available for Android. There is no dedicated iOS app yet.

  • Can I read Manhwa on my PC as well?

Sure, you can access Toonily’s library on their website using your desktop or laptop browser.

  • How many languages does Toonily support?

The Toonily app is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai and Indonesian. More languages may be added in the future.

  • Is Toonily safe for kids to use?

The app is generally safe but parental guidance is advised as some titles may contain mature content.

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Final Thoughts on Toonily

Toonily has undoubtedly emerged as one of the top manhwa apps available for Android users today. Even with alternatives like MangaToon and Mr Comics around, Toonily stands out for its sheer collection size, intuitive interface, hassle-free usage, and regular content updates.

Whether you’re an avid manhwa lover or just getting into the world of Korean graphic novels, this app is sure to impress you. And the best part is that Toonily delivers all of this 100% free of cost! The lack of annoying ads combined with a host of useful features makes reading manhwa on the go an absolute pleasure.

So if you own an Android device and have been looking for an app that lets you access and download thousands of amazing manhwa titles conveniently, give Toonily a try. We’re sure you’ll find yourself hooked to their vast digital library in no time!


So in summary, Toonily provides a world-class platform to immerse in top-quality manhwa in a completely seamless, legal, and safe manner. It deserves to be the go-to app for all manhwa lovers out there!

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