Cave Shake Net Worth 2023 + Updates


Cave Shake Net Worth 2023 + Updates – Ever felt that midday lull? That desire for a healthy yet delicious pick-me-up? Forget those caffeine jitters; we’ve got the secret sauce (or should we say shake) for you. Welcome to the world of the Cave Shake, or as the cool kids call it now, the Space Shake.


Why the Spacey name? Maybe to make it sound more out of this world? Or perhaps it’s a clever ploy to make us forget it ever dwelled in a cave!

Cave Shake Net Worth 2023 + Updates

Cave Shake Net Worth


Zoom Into The Milky Way (Not the Candy Bar!)

The Cave Shake, a magical concoction for the health-conscious, was born in 2015 by two vibrant college buddies, Billi Cavallaro, and Holly Heath, right in the heart of LA. A shake so ancient, your caveman ancestors would’ve nodded in approval.

Fun fact: If you’re wondering about the quirky original name, it’s inspired by the idea that even our cave-dwelling ancestors would’ve loved to slurp on this healthy bad boy!

This dairy-free, gluten-free, and carb-free shake is a blend of all things mother nature would approve of – whey protein, almond milk, bananas, and coconut milk. A drink so natural, it practically hugs trees. In layman’s terms, it’s your trusty, healthy, quick-fix alternative to milkshakes. And it comes in three universally loved flavors: coffee (for the Monday blues), vanilla (for the laid-back Sundays), and chocolate (well, for every darn day!).

Diving into the Shark Waters

Our dynamic duo of Holly and Billi decided to swim with the big fishes, taking the Cave Shake to the famed Shark Tank show in 2018. It’s said they kicked off their pitch with a groovy song and dance number. The theme? Beating those sinful cravings with the power of the Cave Shake. Their pitch? A cool $250,000 for 10% equity.

As the sharks sipped on their sample drinks, there were nods, some hmms, and a tiny hiccup. Robert, not a fan of the Stevia sweetener, commented on the taste. Holly quickly jumped in, gently pointing out the all-natural nature of their sweetener. At the end of the day, basketball legend Charles Barkley slam-dunked a deal, investing $250,000 for a 20% stake.

Post Shark Tank Show

After their Shark Tank success, the Cave Shake witnessed a stellar rise. The numbers, my friends, do not lie: $750,000 in sales in 2019 and a whopping $1 million in 2022. With the winds of success behind them, they evolved into Space Shake, with all-new packaging and exciting flavors.

In 2023, they’re soaring high, with an estimated net worth of over $10 million. And if rumors are true, they’re aiming for the stars, looking to double sales and profits in the coming years. But with great power comes great responsibility. Our humble suggestion? They might want to focus a tad more on product packaging and some more spacey marketing strategies.

To Infinity and Beyond!

As 2023 stands, they’re making headway in sunny California, but global domination remains a distant dream. Maybe, just maybe, a renewed focus on branding, market research, and, of course, some zesty new flavors could be the key.

To get your hands on this elixir, head over to And if you’re feeling adventurous, try a pack of six or splurge on a pack of twelve!

The Secret Sauce Behind Their Success

While the rich, luscious flavors play a part, what truly makes Space Shake a favorite is its dedication to the health of its consumers. The blend of natural ingredients ensures that you’re not dumping a truckload of artificial sugars and colors into your body. It’s like getting a hug from Mother Nature herself, in a cup!

Besides, the marketing strategies and the founders’ genuine passion play a significant role. Billi Cavallaro and Holly Heath’s commitment to health, reflected in their personal anecdotes about Paleo-Keto eating and sporting endeavors, adds authenticity to their product. It’s not just a product they’re selling; it’s a lifestyle.

Rivals in the Milky Way

Even the brightest stars face competition, and the Space Shake is no exception. Up against the likes of Hope Bars and the Detour Bar, the shake manages to hold its ground. The competition, though fierce, is friendly, with each brand bringing something unique to the table (or in this case, the fridge). The space (pun intended) for health drinks is vast, and there’s room for everyone to shine.

The Earthly Challenges

While the sky’s the limit, the Space Shake team has encountered its fair share of turbulence. One primary challenge? Global outreach. Though they’ve marked their territory in sunny California, the global expanse remains a frontier to be explored. A stronger social media strategy, interactive campaigns, and perhaps even collaborations with international influencers might be their golden ticket.

From Fans to Celestial Ambassadors

One of the best parts of the Space Shake journey? Its fans. From workout enthusiasts who pair it with their gym sessions to working professionals using it as their midday fuel, the community is diverse and growing. The feedback loop with fans is strong, leading to product innovations. Don’t be surprised if you spot a “suggested by the fan” flavor soon!

What’s Next for Our Starry Beverage?

In a galaxy filled with beverages, Space Shake aims to be the North Star. Plans for the future? Expand the flavor range (we’re secretly hoping for a ‘Starry Caramel’ variant), introduce eco-friendly packaging, and extend their reach to international waters.

Moreover, embracing the digital age by introducing augmented reality (AR) experiences on their packaging or even partnering with fitness apps for exclusive discounts could be innovative next steps.

Space Shake – More Than Just a Beverage

Space Shake isn’t just another drink you chug down. It’s a statement, a commitment to health, and a nod to taste. Whether you’re sipping it watching a sunrise or post a tiring space (okay, office) meeting, it promises to be your trusty companion.

Remember, in the vast universe of beverages, only a few truly shine, and the Space Shake is well on its way to becoming a supernova.

Cave Shake Net Worth 2023

It has a net worth of around 10 Million USD as of 2023.

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Cave Shake, now Space Shake, has transformed from an LA dream to a $10 million reality. If you crave a drink that’s not just another notch on the calorie counter, this might be your best bet. New flavors are on the horizon, and there’s no compromise on health.

So, next time you think of a healthy drink, just remember, we’ve moved from caves to space. And who knows? Maybe the next iteration will be Galaxy Shake? Here’s hoping for a taste that’s out of this world! Got a thought or two about this delightful drink? Pen down (or type) away!

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