December 13, 2023

Exagear APK + OBB Zip File Download 2024


Have you ever imagined carrying a full-fledged Windows desktop environment in your pocket? Exagear makes this a reality by delivering sophisticated Windows x86 emulation on Android devices – whether phones, tablets, or Chromebooks.


In this comprehensive guide, we take you through the entire journey of setting up Exagear’s world-class Windows application compatibility powered by decades of refinement.

If you’re convinced about the game-changing convergence Exagear drives or directly want the installation walkthrough, click the contents section below to jump around. But first, let’s shine light on what makes Exagear tick!

Exagear APK + OBB Zip File Download 2024

Exagear APK + OBB Zip File Download


Overview of Exagear APK

Traditionally Android and Windows worlds have remained disparate – fulfilling different sets of computing needs. However, with the meteoric advancement of smartphone hardware capabilities, software is the only bottleneck left.

Exagear tears down this wall by reimagining what Android devices can achieve through a smooth Windows application environment.

You now have the freedom to enjoy both ecosystems’ strengths – Windows x86 power fused with Android’s convenience in one ultimate pocketable productivity and gaming machine!

But the Exagear magic goes beyond just good marketing claims. The technical prowess backing up its functioning is what unlocks this unprecedented Windows/Android fusion in the first place.

Requirements for Windows Emulation After Exagear APK + OBB Zip File Download Process

Exagear comes as a split APK installer and OBB data file combination central to setting things up on Android. But what do these files contain?

Exagear APK

This 20MB Android application package is what you install as the Exagear app itself. It includes:

  • Interface and configuration code
  • Emulator logic
  • Wine translation binaries
  • Basic dependencies

Tapping the APK icon triggers the setup leading to the Exagear app icon and environment.

Exagear OBB Data File

With just the APK, launching Windows would fail because the meaty Windows runtime files are housed separately in the OBB file.

Contents include:

  • Windows x86 binaries
  • DLLs
  • System translations
  • Configs
  • Libraries

This 70MB file needs manual transfer to device storage which we cover in the installation guide.

Why Split APK and OBB Approach is Great?

Unlike traditional Android APKs, Exagear utilizes this clear separation of app and data for several benefits:

  • Small APK Size

Even with rich functionality, the installer remains under 20MB for quick downloads.

  • External OBB Storage

Large OBB data files don’t eat precious internal phone storage. You can house OBB files safely on external SD cards.

  • Easy Updates

Updating Exagear APK from app stores pulls in the latest versions while OBB data remains broadly compatible.

  • Version Consistency

Android checks APK and OBB versions automatically picking the correct data files. No manual tracking is needed!

  • Optimized Performance

External data files can utilize faster SD card read speeds compared to internal storage for lag-free usage.

Bottom line, you reap all Windows software capabilities in a lean & optimized package!

Why You Should Download Exagear APK + OBB Zip File?

Before jumping into the installation, let’s highlight Exagear’s standout emulation features:

  • Flawless Windows Application Translation

Runs x86 Win32 programs seamlessly through Wine translation magic without virtualizing the entire Windows kernel.

  • Extremely Lightweight

Weighing under 100MB overall, Exagear has a negligible performance hit allowing buttery smooth Windows software usage.

  • Gaming Focus

DirectX 11 support ensures your favorite graphics-heavy Windows games shine in all their glory.

  • Windows Versatility

Install Windows 10 or Windows 7 images as per personal preference or application compatibility needs.

  • Retains Android Integration

Not fully isolated, Exagear allows two-way file transfer between Windows and Android environments.

  • Controller/Mouse/Keyboard Support

For an enriched desktop-like experience, hook up console gamepads, wireless keyboards, and mice!

Simply put, Exagear delivers the best of productivity, creativity, and gaming from Windows apps amplified by Android’s portability.

Step-by-Step Guide to Exagear APK + OBB Zip File Download & Install:

Let’s now get our hands dirty and set up Exagear with Windows 10 on your Android!

Prerequisite: Enable Third Party App Installs

As Exagear isn’t on Google Play, we need to give OS permission for external APK installs:

  1. Enable “Install from Unknown Sources” in Android Settings > Security
  2. Confirm the prompt about allowing third-party app installs

Phew, the device is now primed to install Exagear external APK download when we get to that next.

Latest Exagear Pro 5.0 Apk + OBB Download

Grab the latest Exagear installer APK file (around 20MB):

  1. On your Android browser, visit website or click here to download from Github.
  2. Navigate to APK Downloads section.
  3. Tap download button for newest Exagear Pro APK.
  4. Alternatively get APK from trusted third party app stores.

Transfer Downloaded Exagear OBB File to Device

You also need the Exagear Windows Runtime OBB file (70MB) containing vital data:

  1. Download matching version OBB file from or other safe sources
  2. Use file manager to create “com.eltechs.ed” folder on device storage/SD card in Android/OBB path
  3. Copy the Exagear OBB zip contents into this new OBB folder

Android will automatically extract and utilize OBB file contents.

Install Exagear Apk + OBB on Your Android Device

Double tap the Exagear APK file to trigger installer and sign off on all prompted app permissions for full functionality access.

Wait for app icon to show up confirming smooth install!

Download Windows 10 or Windows 7 System Image VMDK

While Exagear app is installed, we still need Windows OS files itself to run programs.

  1. On Downloads, get Windows 10 or Windows 7 x86 system image VMDK
  2. This virtual disk file is around 1.5GB for Windows OS data
  3. Use WiFi for fast 1-2GB file download or mobile data limits will hit badly!

Set Up Windows Virtual Machine Disk in Exagear

Last step before firing up Windows! Configure system image VMDK within Exagear:

  1. Launch Exagear app from app drawer
  2. Tap Disk Manager > Install New Disk
  3. Select downloaded Windows 10 VMDK file to initiate install procedure
  4. Wait for Windows VMDK processing to hit 100% before exiting back to Exagear home

Windows 10 now sits powered within Exagear!

Run Windows Apps and Games on Exagear

The moment you’ve eagerly awaited – tap the Windows icon on Exagear’s home screen to unveil the entire Windows universe!

  1. First Windows 10 boot initializes runtime optimization
  2. Launchpad for productivity software, creative tools, utilities or games
  3. Buttery smooth performance thanks to translation layer without emulating entire Windows kernel

Go wild with your favorite Win32 programs unconstrained by Android limitations!

Optimization Tips for Maxing Out Exagear Performance

While Exagear delivers excellent compatibility translating Windows calls instead of full virtualization, some handy optimizations take it to the next level:

Allocate Maximum vRAM

Higher vRAM allows bigger asset/texture access improving gaming graphics and multitasking.


  • ExaGear home > Settings > System
  • Set Max vRAM to 1024MB
  • May need device restart

Resize Windows Screen

Default equivalent to 15″ laptop screen. Resize to perfectly match your phone/tablet display.


  • ExaGear home > Settings > Display
  • Set custom scaled resolution

Close Background Android Apps

Free up max resources for Exagear by closing unused apps draining device RAM/battery/CPU.

Connect Hardware Controllers

Take your Windows gaming experience up a notch with precision keyboard/mouse/gamepad add-ons over Bluetooth or USB.

Customize pointer speeds, auto repeat rates, and keyboard shortcuts just like a real desktop!

By tailoring these tweaks to your usage needs, extract every ounce of desktop power from Exagear on Android!

Troubleshooting Common Exagear APK + OBB Zip File Issues

In rare cases, Exagear may hit some hiccups usually with quick fixes:

Windows Failing to Start in Exagear?

  • Reinstall Exagear APK/OBB ensuring placed properly in Android/OBB folder
  • Try uninstalling app fully + clear storage data via Settings
  • Redownload Windows image VMDK files strictly from

Apps Not Detecting Right Windows Version?

  • Install precise Windows release (XP/Windows 7/10 x86) needed by problematic programs

Exagear Unavailable for Android 5.0+ Devices on Play Store?

  • Unfortunately Exagear isn’t officially distributed via Google Play presently
  • Any device running Android 5.1 or higher can sideload Exagear external APK

Windows Apps Too Slow or Choppy in Exagear?

  • Close background Android apps + processes draining resources
  • Lower visual quality scaling in Exagear app Settings struggling devices
  • Upgrade Android phone for more RAM if using heavy creative/gaming software

With easy troubleshooting, you will be back running Windows apps smoothly in no time!

Top 10 Android Emulators Similar to Exagear

Although Exagear leads Android/Windows convergence, here are 10 alternatives providing comparable x86 Windows emulation capabilities:

  1. Limbo – Open source emulator translating Windows/Linux on Android via QEMU tech. Good hardware rendering optimization.
  2. UTM – VirtualBox derived hypervisor focused on iOS but available for Android too. Enables Windows 10/Linux VMs.
  3. WSA – Microsoft’s official Windows 11 subsystem delivering integrated Android 11 application support.
  4. YouWave – Specializes in emulating older Android versions like 4.0 to 7.1 for testing legacy app compatibility.
  5. Genymotion – Leading third-party emulator choice for Android developers thanks to excellent debug/test tools.
  6. MEmu Play – Game focused Android emulator for Windows to enjoy mobile gaming on big screens.
  7. PrimeOS – Unique Android-based OS distribution running Android natively on PC hardware via multi-boot.
  8. VirtualBox – Made by Oracle, supports diverse OS virtual machines like Windows, Linux, now extending to Android.
  9. Xamarin Android Player – Created by Microsoft for their Xamarin mobile app dev framework. Evolved into Visual Studio Emulator.
  10. BlueStacks – Pioneer of Android on Windows. BlueStacks 5 delivers polished & fast Android gaming experience.

While competitors match certain areas, none match Exagear’s focus delivering the full Windows application spectrum on Android via lightweight translation technology.

Frequently Asked Questions about Exagear Apk + OBB

Let’s tackle the top 10 queries regarding Exagear capabilities:

  • Does Exagear run full Windows or only apps via translation?

Exagear doesn’t virtualize the entire Windows OS kernel. It efficiently translates Win32 calls needed by applications into Android using Wine tech.

  • Can budget Android phones under $100 handle Exagear?

Entry level hardware with less than 3GB RAM may face performance issues beyond basic usage. Mid-range devices with 4GB+ RAM recommended.

  • Without root, what access does Exagear gain on Android?

You only need to grant basic permissions like Storage/Contacts access, etc. No personal data collection or deeper system modification ability without root.

  • How to transfer files between Windows on Exagear and Android?

Exagear uniquely offers 2-way file sharing capabilities between the Windows and Android environments using the sandboxed protective approach.

  • Can games like Age of Empires run smoothly in Exagear?

While DirectX 11 ensures game compatibility, graphics-intensive titles can stutter. Light games will be butter smooth! Tweak configurations for best possible perf.

  • What kind of Windows license does Exagear need?

Exagear relies on built-in licensing via Microsoft’s API allowing access to Windows environments in emulated scenarios without needing manual license keys.

  • Which Windows version works best for Microsoft Office?

For Microsoft Office 2013 and earlier apps still popular in enterprises, Windows 7 x86 delivers best compatibility. Although Windows 10 appropriate for Office 365.

  • Can I access Android SMS/notifications from within Exagear Windows?

Yes, Exagear uniquely provides deep interoperability between emulated Windows and native Android OS functions like SMS, Contacts, Notifications, etc in a secure way.

  • Will Exagear match gaming performance of high-end PCs/laptops?

Don’t expect desktop-class frame rates. The Android hardware and thermal limits pose bottlenecks. But light gaming and productivity usage will shine!

  • How is Exagear different from VMware and other commercial emulators?

Unlike heavy virtualization apps from VMware and Oracle, Exagear delivers smooth Windows application translation in a tiny 100MB mobile package via Wine.

And there you have it – the top questions about Exagear’s capabilities cleared up!


Exagear delivers an unforeseen class of Windows application capabilities right on Android devices via the magic of lightweight translation technology instead of traditional heavy virtualization.

You are now equipped to productively enjoy your Windows creative, productivity and gaming apps amplified by Android’s convenience in one ultimate pocketable package.

We took you through a step-by-step guide on Exagear APK + OBB Zip File Download and all the way to installing Windows 10, optimizing for peak performance, troubleshooting issues, and comparisons with alternatives.

Go ahead, immerse yourself into this magical convergence of Windows horsepower and Android portability that only Exagear makes possible today!

Let us know if you have any other queries as you blast through limits of what an Android device can achieve!

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