August 4, 2023

Eco Nuts Soap Berries Net Worth 2023 + Updates


Eco Nuts Soap Berries Net Worth 2023 – Ever had a handful of berries and wondered, “Why am I eating these when I could be doing my laundry with them?” No? Well, neither have we, but someone did, and they’re called Eco Nuts Soap Berries.


These not-actually-nuts berries are putting the “fun” back in the laundry (though we’re still searching for the “fun” part).

Eco Nuts Soap Berries Net Worth 2023 + Updates

Eco Nuts Soap Berries Net Worth


These tiny wonders are the natural substitute for chemical laundry detergent and consist of 100% natural goodness. And if you’re allergic to nuts, fear not! They’re just fruity imposters hiding in a nutty disguise.

Introduction: What Are These Soapy Things?

Eco Nuts Soap Berries are unique in containing saponin, a natural surfactant that has been doing laundry for centuries – yes, even in ancient Rome, they wanted their togas crisp and clean!

Unlike commercial detergents that bubble like a kid’s bath time, soap berries keep things understated. They’re not the show-off type. But hey, bubbles aren’t everything; ask for any flat soda!

These eco-friendly marvels are gentle on your clothes and your newborn’s messes, proving that you don’t need harsh chemicals to deal with life’s (laundry) stains.

Meet the Eco Nuts Founders

Mona Weiss and Scott Shields, the creators of Eco Nuts, started out with a noble cause: to make laundry cheaper and Mother Earth happier. By tossing these berries in a small pouch with your laundry, they’ve left a positive mark on the environment. And here’s the kicker – each soapberry can be used up to 10 times! Talk about berry efficiency!

How to Join the Berry Revolution?

Just put 4-5 berries in the provided wash bag, and let them go nuts in your washer. Want softer clothes? Add some Lavender Bliss Dryer Balls. Your clothes will come out feeling and smelling like a gentle hug.

When the berries get as thin as paper, it’s time to retire them. But don’t worry, they’ve probably washed more loads than you’ve folded!

Eco Nuts Quick Facts

  • Founders: Mona Weiss and Scott Shields
  • Founded: 2009
  • Location: Lawndale, California
  • Net Worth: $1.16 million
  • Eco Nuts Website: Click Here
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn

Before and After Shark Tank

In 2009, Mona and Scott were selling these nuts everywhere they could. From art fairs to physical stores, their eco-friendly vision was spreading. Fun fact: Mona was once a Sesame Street performer. Who knew Big Bird’s friend would one-day battle laundry stains?

Sadly, the sharks in Shark Tank didn’t bite, but that didn’t stop them. Now, their sales have reached the million-dollar mark!

The Pros and (A Minor) Cons of Eco Nuts

These natural laundry magicians have many advantages. They prevent shrinking (of clothes, not people), are made from organic nuts, don’t harm septic systems, and are perfect for sensitive skin.

The only downside? They prefer warm water. Using them with cold water might make them a little sluggish, just like some of us on a Monday morning!

A Nutty Contribution to Society

Eco Nuts are responsibly sourced from Nepal and packaged in the USA. By choosing Eco Nuts, you’re not just reducing plastic waste; you’re supporting fair wages in Nepal and job creation in the USA.

So, next time you’re faced with a mountain of laundry, why not give these soapy nuts a try? You might just find that doing laundry is berry satisfying! 🍓

Cracking the Nut – Eco Nuts Production Process

Eco Nuts aren’t just picked and tossed in your laundry. Oh no, these sassy berries go through an exciting journey. After being wild-harvested in Nepal, they undergo a unique extraction process to remove any stains or germs. The packaging? As green as a salad!

Scott and Mona don’t just make soap; they make a statement. They’re not afraid to be different, and neither are their berries.

The Money Nut – Financial Success with Eco Nuts Soap Berries Net Worth 2023

With a net worth of $1.16 million, Eco Nuts isn’t just a story of berries doing laundry; it’s a tale of success. A rejection on Shark Tank? Merely a speed bump on the way to an eco-friendly empire!

And guess what? You can now buy these magical nuts on Amazon for just $7 per pouch. Who knew nuts could be so affordable?

A Nutty Social Presence – Online Influence

Eco Nuts Soap Berries isn’t just washing clothes; they’re washing away traditional marketing. With a strong presence on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube, they’ve become a public figure, influencing laundry rooms and sustainability practices worldwide.

Eco Nuts in the Community – More Than Just a Company

What makes Eco Nuts special isn’t just the organic, all-natural detergent but its commitment to the environment and the community. They’ve been recognized for their pioneering sustainability programs in the laundry detergent sector. That’s right, these nuts have awards!

And let’s not forget their fair trade commitment in Nepal, ensuring safe and equitable working conditions. Who knew that laundry could contribute to global well-being?

Going Beyond Laundry – Versatility of Eco Nuts

If you thought these nuts were only good for washing clothes, think again! They can also be used as a fabric softener. Yes, these berries can soften things other than your heart.

The natural oils in Eco Nuts are the hidden heroes here, offering a gentle touch to your favorite garments.

Eco Nuts Drawbacks – A Nutty Imperfection

Just like how every superhero has a weakness, Eco Nuts aren’t perfect. They prefer warm-to-hot water, and using them on a cool wash might not yield the best results. But hey, nobody’s perfect, right?

Join the Eco Revolution – Try Them Now!

So, if you’re tired of the same old laundry routine and want to add a nutty twist to your washing, give Eco Nuts Soap Berries a try. They’re fun, they’re innovative, and they might even make you enjoy laundry (no guarantees on that last part, though).

And remember, as Mona and Scott would probably say, “Stay nutty, friends!” 🥜

Eco Nuts Soap Berries have transformed the way we look at the laundry. From their unique composition to their ecological vision and social commitment, these little berries are making a big splash.

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So next time you spill coffee on your favorite shirt, don’t fret; let these hard-working berries do the work for you. Because sometimes, the solution to life’s little messes is just a nutty idea away!

So, we hope now you are aware of the Eco Nuts Soap Berries Net Worth 2023 + Latest Updates after the shark tank show and much more.

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