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Solved: WUAUSERV (Windows update) High CPU usage in Windows 10


Wuauserv is a valid Windows system feature that works only when Windows Update is running. Sometimes, Windows Update starts using a high amount of resources to check for online updates. This causes the Wuauserv service to increase the CPU’s volume usage. WUAUSERV – Windows Update High CPU usage in Windows 10 In this simple guide, you …

How to Remove Is it a Virus? Uninstall? Delete? [FIX]

How to Remove

A computer virus isn’t the thing we want ever and there are tons of viruses available to attack general computer users who don’t use antivirus software frequently, and these days a virus called “playstv.exe” attack on Windows operating system based computers and people don’t know what is playstv.exe and how to remove virus from …