November 28, 2023

Inspiring Your School Community With Online Christmas Fundraisers


If you want to inspire your school community this holiday season, here are some great online fundraising ideas to consider. Run a fun, festive-themed race or walk to bring healthy cash infusions.


Set up a multicultural fair for families to showcase their unique holiday traditions.

Inspiring Your School Community With Online Christmas Fundraisers

Online Christmas Fundraisers


This will also be an excellent opportunity to promote cultural understanding.

  • Make It Easy

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s better to give than to receive.” This isn’t just about monetary gifts but any act of generosity. It can be as simple as a smile, a helping hand, a compliment, your time, friendship, words of advice/consolation, and so much more.

Schools can help their community by making getting involved with various Christmas fundraisers for schools easy. This may include offering a gift-wrapping service, a card design business, or online donation tools to increase engagement.

Recruit parents to take photos of children with Santa at your school. This requires little planning and can be very profitable.

It is also a great way to unite the whole community, especially for younger kids! Don’t forget to promote this event with a fun hashtag for maximum exposure. This will also help to create a memorable experience and encourage future participation.

  • Engage Your Community

You can engage your supporters throughout the holiday season and beyond with the right fundraising tools. Many people are away from their homes over the holidays, but you can still reach them with virtual fundraisers that will keep them connected to your cause and engaged in your mission.

Give your supporters a chance to compete and vie for the first prize while helping your nonprofit simultaneously with a holiday-themed contest. You can find many fun contest ideas, from photo-finishing to Yuletide trivia, that appeal to different skill levels and ages. Encourage your community to spread holiday cheer by donating their spare change to your nonprofit.

A simple message via social media or a Boost email campaign can go a long way in inspiring them to do so.

Alternatively, you could invite your supporters to share the gift of giving by asking them to donate the amount they would typically spend on Christmas gifts for others to your charity instead.

  • Make It Fun

Creating fun holiday fundraising challenges helps to keep people engaged. Try a virtual challenge that allows supporters to earn rewards based on their contribution levels, such as a read-a-thon, physical challenge, friendly dare, or even a holiday board game challenge.

Afterward, host a live event to celebrate all the participants and highlight those who exceeded specific contribution points. A polar plunge is a great way to get your community outside for an exciting and rewarding experience that supports a cause they care about.

Your peer-to-peer participants will secure pledges from their friends and family for how long they can last in a body of icy water. Encourage donors to share their photos and videos online.

Organize a craft workshop during the holidays to help your supporters cross items off their holiday to-do lists while helping others in need. You can charge an entrance fee, sell tickets to a raffle, or set up a donation station.

  • Make It Memorable

The feeling you get when you give back is something no money can replicate. That’s why creating opportunities for your community members and supporters to share their time, talent, or resources is essential.

For example, set up a gift-wrapping station for parents at your library and charge a small fee per package. Promote the event with flyers, email blasts, and social media posts to drive participation.

This school fundraising idea can also include wrapping for Hanukkah and Kwanza gifts. Another fun and interactive way to give back is with the Holly Jolly Olympics.

Think the regular Olympics, but Christmas-themed! You can even add a little competition to the event by having participants compete in a cookie-eating contest (or other winter sports).

Ensure you charge competitors an entry fee and spectators to watch. The proceeds can go to your nonprofit organization. You can also offer a silent auction in addition to the activities to boost your revenue potential.

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