Are you a Tektek user? Looking for the best options for the new Tektek alternatives, the choice offered here should provide you access to an enhanced excellent option for your needs in an enhanced experience for all your individual requirements. If you are missing out on the usability and high-end performance offered by Tektek, here are a few of the best options you would find rather impressive and effective. 

What happened to Tektek? 

If you have been into online avatar creation, you would have been using Tektek for most of your requirements. The service has now closed down because of a few copyright violation issues. Popularly known as the Gaia dream avatar maker, it was primarily used for creating different types of avatars online. 

As we stated, the primary reason for the shutting down of the Tektek website was that it violated a few copyrights. They had a considerably good number of DMCA violations against them and thus, Tektek was forced to shut their operations all of a sudden. 

Whatever be the reason for the shutting down of Tektek, you would find that there are plenty of options you would find rather effective and impressive for almost all your requirements in terms of high-end efficiency ever. Choose one and get access to the perfect online cartoon creation ever. 

The best Tektek alternatives you can check out 

Having understood the reason for opting for the best Tektek alternatives, here are a few great options we found quite impressive as the best alternatives for Tektek. 

Hero machine

Hero Machine is one of the advanced and perfect replacements for the original Tektek. Irrespective of whether you have good drawing skills or not, Hero Machine can be one of the excellent options you would find a rather great option for your needs. You can create different illustrations and avatars as per your preferences. 

Whether you want the artistic look on your cartoons or a comic appearance, the website can double up as one of the excellent options for achieving more positive results. You can find it offering four different versions to choose from. 

Doll Divine

Doll Divine is yet another worthy option for almost all your requirements and expectations of creating wonderful content with animation and animated avatars. It can be one of the excellent options for enhancing your creativity and create a huge number of illustrations to your heart’s content. 

A high degree of customization offered by Doll Divine can further make it one of the best options for most of your requirements. The huge list of options offered by the service should be one of the excellent options for most of your expectations. The cultural clothing and fancy themes are a few of the best options you would find quite exciting. 


DoppelMe lets you get access to the characters that are exactly like you. The online tool works effectively and efficiently as the best Tektek replacement. You can use the creations on any of the services such as Facebook, IM, and even on your blog. 

The tool lets you create the avatars with practically everything you want to customize them with – including gender, expression, hair, eyewear, tops, shoes, and a wide range of other aspects of your characters. The easy to use and simple interface can be what would make it a truly rewarding experience ever. 

Face Your Manga 

Are you looking for the best Tektek alternative in the form of a portrait illustration? It can be one of the excellent options for a wide range of high-resolution characterization. You can make use of the tool for completely cartoonifying yourself. 

One of the strongest factors in favor of the software is that they also have an Android app. The service does provide you access to several activities such as painting and sculpting. You can either create a cartoon character or you may even design one from scratch. 

Gaia Avatar Maker

The Gaia Avatar Maker was the exact same cartoon character maker that pulled the curtains down on Tektek. It has been rated to be one of the prime options for creating all your avatar rather efficiently. The endless customization options offered by the Gaia Avatar Maker should be what would make it a perfect option ever. 

If you are a Tektek fan, you will find that Tektek used to opt for the Gaia tools for its range of customizations. That should be what would make it one of the excellent options for almost all your expectations for making it a perfect alternative to Tektek.

Coming from the developers behind Tektek, is what should provide you access to a far more powerful experience in terms of creating your characters. In fact, the tool coming from the Tektek developers themselves should in itself make it one of the most reliable options ever. The service I-is new enough and can become a highly prominent service ever. 

A gamified experience offered by the tool can be one of the unique options for most of your expectations. It also lets you participate in mini avatar contests as well. The registration process is quite simple and easy to follow. should be your best bet for all your needs in creating avatars without any drawing skills. 

Small World 

Small World is yet another great option that you would find quite impressive when it comes to a better Tektek alternative. The website is quite innovative and provides you access to make your dreams come true. You have several options for painting, sculpting, and decorating your cartoons to your heart’s content. Read Also:AmexGiftCard com Balance – Activate to Check

If you have artistic capabilities, you will find the movie providing you access to a far greater experience when it comes to enjoying a far enhanced experience of creating your characters. The plenty f customization options provided by the service should be yet another premium option you would find all the more interesting. 

The Final Wrap Up

Well, finding the best Tektek alternatives can prove to be quite impressive and there are several options that are available at your disposal. We assume the top 7 best Tektek alternatives outlined here should definitely provide you access to a huge degree of experience for your requirements. 

If you are looking for the best possible experience in terms of an enhanced character making, picking the right sites like Tektek can indeed prove to be quite handy and effective to the core. We would assume that the list of the best options offered to you can prove to be one of the high-end options for almost all your expectations. Make the best use of the right Tektek alternative for your needs, and you can be assured of the best possible performance ever. 

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