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If you’re a fan of shopping sprees at BJ’s Wholesale Club or just need to know more about their credit card perks via MyBJPerks, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s unravel the magic and mystery behind BJ’s credit card but in a much more entertaining way.


Ready? Let’s dive in!




What is MyBJPerks Credit Card?

Good question, smart shopper! The BJ’s Perks Credit Card is not just any card. It’s your ticket to a world of rewards, especially if you often find yourself pushing that massive cart at BJ’s stores.

Made possible by a dynamic duo – BJ’s Wholesale Club and Comenity Capital Bank—this card rewards you with cashback for, well, buying stuff. Remember, though, it’s exclusively for BJ’s outlets and their website.

Need to shop elsewhere? No worries! Comenity’s got you covered with a Mastercard version.

Who can Apply for a MyBJPerks Credit Card?

Anyone who’s a fan of BJ’s and fits Comenity’s eligibility criteria. Easy peasy!

Benefits of MyBJPerks Credit Card:

  • Rewards: Earn on every purchase.
  • Promotions: You will some special discounts.
  • Annual Fee: No annual fee.
  • Apply: – Online or in-store, and get a swift response. (No waiting)
  • Special Financing: You will get good deals.

Membership Mania

BJ’s isn’t just about shopping. They offer memberships galore! Whether it’s their classic Inner Circle or the high-flying Perks Rewards Membership, there’s something for everyone. And yes, the price of coolness varies, starting at $55/year.

Reward Programs: Get the most bang for your buck!

BJ’s Perks Plus users can relish a delightful 3% cashback on BJ’s purchases, 2% on dining and gas (excluding BJ’s Gas), and 1% elsewhere. Oh, and that 10¢ off each gallon at BJ’s Gas is just the cherry on top!

BJ’s Perks Elite takes it up a notch! Get 5% back at BJ’s, with the other benefits mirroring its little sibling.

Features of MyBJPerks Card:

  • Join the My BJ’s Perks brigade and watch your cashback grow.
  • Rewards? Use ’em or lose ’em in 6 months.
  • That Mastercard isn’t just for show. From shopping to bill payments, it’s your universal passport.
  • No annual fee! Because who likes those?
  • To the newbies – enjoy a $40 or $80 award offer. (Wait for it…electronically!)

Fees of MyBJPerks Card

Let’s face it. Nobody likes to read about fees. But, for those detail-oriented folks, the APR ranges from 15.74% to 25.74% based on your credit mojo. The rest? It’s all on the table.

Online Access:

For those tech-savvy peeps, accessing your BJ’s card online is a breeze. Remember, though, to keep your login details closer than your favorite snacks. Safety first!

How to Recover MyBJPerks Website Password? 

When you just can’t recall your username or password? Been there, done that. Let’s walk it off together:

  1. Go to the BJ’s Comenity account login page.
  2. Clickety-click on the ‘Forgot Username/Password’ link under the sign-in box.
  3. A prompt will guide you to verify your account. A tad bit of detective work here, but nothing our intrepid explorer can’t handle.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions like a treasure map, and voilà! You’re back in the game.

How to Sign up at MyBJPerks Website?

Setting up a new account is very easy:

  1. Go to the Comenity BJ’s account page.
  2. Tap on the ‘Register Now’ button.
  3. Now, you’ll be redirected to an account identification page.
  4. Once verified, it’s time to give your username and password.

Activate MyBJPerks Mastercard Credit Card

Got a new credit card? Feeling that tingle of excitement? Let’s turn that plastic card into a shopping warrior:

  • Land on the BJ’s Comenity account page.
  • There’s an ‘Activate card’ option. Give that a click.
  • Follow the cues, input the required details, and your card will be breathing and ready to rock.
  • Phone lover? Call 1-855-816-2424, follow the automated voice, and your card will be up and running faster than you can say “I need more shoes”.

BJ’s Credit Card Online Application – Apply Online

Wanna get that BJ’s card? It’s easier:

  1. Dive into
  2. You’ll find an ‘Apply Now’ link. Give it a click.
  3. Validate your BJ’s membership, then journey on to the application form.
  4. Once approved, expect a shiny new card at your doorstep!

How to Make MyBJPerks Mastercard Credit Card Payments?

And now, the grand finale, the moment we all secretly dread (because of bills, ugh) but let’s make it fun:

  • Online: Visit the BJ’s Comenity account page. Navigate to the payment section post-login, and follow the prompts.
  • Mail: Prefer the old-school way? Dispatch your payment to Comenity Capital Bank, P.O. Box 650966, Dallas, TX 75265-0966.
  • Phone: Just dial 1-855-269-1622 and walk through the steps with the friendly bot.
  • EasyPay: A simple online form awaits at the BJ’s EasyPay page. It’s as breezy as a summer day.
  • Autopay: No one wants to remember due dates. Set it, forget it, and enjoy the peace of mind.
  • Just a friendly reminder: Do your best to beat the clock and pay by 5 p.m. on the due date to dodge those pesky late fees.

Pro-tip: Save this address for your mail payments:

Address: Comenity Capital Bank, PO Box 183003, Columbus, OH 43218-3003

Need Help? Give ‘Em a Ring!

Whether you’re feeling a tad bit confused or just want to hear another human’s voice (we get it, it’s been that kind of year), BJ’s has a hotline for you. Here are the numbers:

  • BJ’s Perks Mastercard: 1-855-269-1622
  • BJ’s Perks World Mastercard: 1-844-271-2535

Note: Be sure to have your card info handy when you call, unless you enjoy being on hold. 😜

Quick Links for The Eager Beavers

Here’s a list of handy dandy links for your perusal:


  • Details: BJ’s Mastercard Info
  • Credit Card Name: BJ’s Mastercard
  • Issuer Comenity: Capital Bank
  • Serviced By: Comenity Capital Bank
  • Network Provider: Mastercard
  • Beneficiary: All BJ’s customers
  • Eligibility: Valid BJ’s membership holders
  • Official website: BJ’s Online

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While the BJ’s card might seem like the golden ticket, remember it comes with its membership fee. But if MyBJPerks is your second home, dive in and swim in those rewards!

The BJ’s credit card is like that delightful cherry on top of your sundae. Sure, there’s a membership fee, but the cashback rewards are sweeter than grandma’s pie. So, if you’re a BJ’s aficionado, this card is the perfect sidekick to your shopping sprees. Happy shopping! 

Note to self: Always protect your account details. And maybe buy some more snacks at BJ’s.

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