Not a Valid Win32 Application [Resolved]

Are you facing the error of Not a Valid Win32 Application then you might be searching for the quick step-by-step procedure that helps you fix the error. Hence this article below not only shows you the cause behind the error but also gives you the solution that helps you track it step by step. Further, you are also given the alternative best suitable for you.

Not a Valid Win32 Application

Not a Valid Win32 Application

Read the article on fixing Not a Valid Win32 Application error below and you will come to know about the procedure of getting the issue set for you.

Win32 Programs or Applications

Win32 applications are 32-bit applications that conform to the rules of the Win32 API. Therefore, it is basically a standard format for applications running on 32-bit Windows. Win32 applications can take advantage of multiple processors. All Win32 applications have a .exe extension.

Cause of the Win32 Errors “Not a Valid Win32 Application”

Be it your first time but there are various factors that affect the matter that causes the problem resulting in win32 Errors. And these causes can be any of the below-given things here:

  1. Incompatibility issues.
  2. Virus or malware infection.
  3. One of the program’s files became corrupt.
  4. One of the program’s files was deleted somehow.
  5. The program was designed for a different version of Windows.

Win32 Error: Due to Missing Files

The error issue arises sometimes due to a new version of Window that is installed on your computer and you are trying to run a program designed for the older version of Window, then you might face this error. This is rare since all the older program still runs on a newer version of Window

Try Running It in Compatibility Mode

Let’s see it step by step:

First of all right click on the Program and then on properties.

Then click on the Compatibility tab and this you can find under the Compatibility Mode.

“Check Run this Program in compatibility mode for” and then select a desired operating system and then click on OK.

Some very old programs require checking the Run in 640×480 checkbox. This doesn’t work for most of the MS-DOS Programs. You need to use an MS-DOS emulator like DosBox.

Error Caused by Uninstalled Software

You might be trying to run software that may not be installed on your computer. So, first, verify whether it is still installed by opening the ADD or REMOVE program menu and then look for your Program there.

Now click on the Start button and then type Add or Remove Program then press Enter.

Win 32 Error Caused by Bad Sectors

Even though this is rare, but your hard drive may have bad sectors. You can run a hard drive diagnostics test from your BIOS to determine the health status of your computer’s hard drive. If your computer’s hard drive does not pass the diagnostics test, you will need to replace it.

Restart your computer and look for text on your screen, which says diagnostics tests, options, or settings. Check your computer manual if you need to. This is a hardware issue, and for most modern computers, it means that you have to replace backups and hard drives to prevent the risk of losing your important data.

32 and 64-bit version

Windows comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The 32-bit version cannot run 64-bit applications, but the 64-bit version can only run 32-bit applications properly. Trying to run a 64-bit application on a 32-bit version of Windows may show a win32 error. You can see that your copy of Windows is 32 or 64 bit.

First of all click on the Start button and choose Computer.

Simply right-click on the empty space and then choose the option ‘Properties’

Now look under system System Type.

Malware infection or Virus Affect

With modern operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8, there is little chance of virus infection. Although if your computer becomes infected with a virus, it can attach itself to executable files, and if you try to run it, a win32 error may appear. Try scanning your computer with anti-virus software. It is more likely that your computer may be infected with malware, use reliable anti-malware software.

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Final Words

If you have read the article above properly then by now you are clarified about resolving the issue of Not a Valid Win32 Application and you are also given the step-by-step solution for it. Not only that you are also given the illustration with the steps for the better clarification of you.

And the alternative further might have clarified you about the issue. And you might have taken the step to choose what is better suitable for your window version.

Hope the information you are provided here has helped you with the complete guide and you are able to resolve this error of Win32 Error by yourself now. So, how efficient was this information for you, just drop it in the comment section below.

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