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Sites Like PCPartPicker – Welcome Readers, today we are going to share a guide on sites like below in this article, we are going to share the complete information regarding all the possible PCPartPicker Alternatives.


So, if you are looking for some alternatives like PCPartPicker then you have to simply read the whole article. Below in this article, you will get the top 10 PCPartPicker Alternative. So now, keep reading the whole article for a better result.

Sites Like PCPartPicker

Sites Like PCPartPicker


Presenting its users with many buying guides, this PC building website basically assists its users in building their PCs and gives them ideas for making an ideal PC. If you want to get recommendations from the professional PC masters of the world, then PCPartPicker is one in a single platform for that purpose where you will have the chance to explore a web-based PC Building Guiding System for all the use cases available within budget.

The user interface of this platform is divided into only four main sections starting with a system build option, viewing the building guide, viewing all completed builds, and browsing by individual parts. Just go to the specific area and start building your PC as per your own requirement.

PCPartPicker works extensively in building two types of PCs, such as desktop PCs and gaming PCs. In the desktop PC range, it provides recommendations and helpful tools for all types of PCs such as for home use, business use, multimedia editing usage, and for general-purpose usage.

If you want to get only information about gaming PCs, then there is a separate gaming PC section for that purpose which will give you complete information about the creation of gaming PCs. PCPartPicker is simply the best platform for users who do not know how to select the desired PC.

So now, if you are looking for the PCPartPicker alternatives then you have to simply read the whole article because below in this article, you will get all the possible alternatives of the PCPartPicker which come under the top 10 Sites Like PCPartPicker list. So keep reading the article to know more about the top 10 PCPartPicker Alternatives 2022.

Top 10 Sites Like PCPartPicker 2022

If you are looking for some popular PC Part Picker Alternatives 2022 then you just have to read the article given below. Below we are going to discuss all the possible alternatives which come under the top 10 Alternatives list.

  1. SuggestALaptop

SuggestALaptop is a forum run by Reddit, one of the leading question and answer forums available on the Internet. SuggestALaptop is a segment of Reddit dedicated to laptop buyers seeking tips from technical and professional people who master the relevant hardware details of most PC and laptop brands.

  1. Xidax PC Builder

Xidax PC Builder is a simple to use PC building tool available on the Internet that allows users to build the PC they are looking for. This website basically deals with two types of services including manufacturing PCs and purchasing custom-made PCs from its web-based shopping store.

  1. CyberPowerPC

CyberPowerPC is a website dedicated to making custom gaming PC, custom gaming laptops, and small form factor PCs, 4k gaming systems, desktop workstations, and even Syber gaming consoles. This web-based platform will make it easier for you to build the gaming PC you are looking for.

  1. BuildaPC

Like SuggestALaptop, BuildaPC is an additional feature by Reddit that allows its visitors to receive suggestions from experts regarding building their PCs for a specific reason.

  1. Logical Increments

Logical Increments is a website created for gamers only. This is different from gaming sites that give you information about new games, game news, game trailers, and so on.

  1. PC Specialist PC Builder

PC Specialist PC Builder is free to use PC builder available on the Internet that specialized in developing custom general-purpose PCs, gaming PCs, and even desktop PCs in very high quality.

  1. PC Gamer PC Build

PC Gamer PC Build is a web-based service by PC Gamer for the creation of gaming PCs. Producing PCs for gaming purposes is a difficult process, but can be made easier if all the information is available at the users’ disposal.

  1. PCC Zone PC Builder

PCC Zone PC Builder is a simple to explore PC building platform available on the Internet that helps users design custom PCs for free. If you are planning to buy a new PC, but do not know what would be suitable for you, or what components your PC should have, then PCC Zone PC Builder is a platform that allows you to keep your budget on your ideal PC. The design will allow eyeglasses to be required at all times.

  1. Best Buy Gaming PC Builder

Best Buy Gaming PC Builder is a Gaming PC Builder service by Best Buy which makes it easy for its users to create a custom gaming PC with the features and specifications that its users want the most.

  1. Novatech PC Configurator

Novatech PC Configurator is a web-based platform for building custom PCs for home and office use, and even for gaming and even exclusive use. This online service helps PC buyers build their new PCs.

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Final Words

So finally we had discussed all the possible top 10 PCPartPicker Alternatives 2022. Above we had discussed all the alternatives of PCPartPicker such as SuggestALaptop, CyberPowerPC, Xidax PC Builder, PC Specialist PC Builder, Logical Increments, BuildaPC, Best Buy Gaming PC Builder, PCC Zone PC Builder, Novatech PC Configurator, and PC Gamer PC Build.

We hope you have your query solved with this guide on Sites Like PCPartPicker where we shared all the similar options for PC builders. If you still have any queries then you can drop your queries in the comment section below.

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