Tenikle Net Worth 2023 + Updates


Tenikle Net Worth 2023 + Updates – Welcome to the era of convenience, where innovative creations are sprouting up left and right to make our daily lives smoother than ever. For enthusiasts of the TV show Shark Tank, Tenikle is undoubtedly a name that rings a bell – a shining example of a simple yet remarkable technology that’s turning everyday tasks into a breeze.


Tenikle Net Worth 2023 + Updates

Tenikle Net Worth


Curious minds must be wondering: What’s all the fuss about Tenikle? Did it manage to hook a deal on Shark Tank? Is the company still in the game? Well, you’re in for a treat because we’ve got all the juicy details right here!

Tenikle: A Clever Invention on Shark Tank

Meet Tenikle, a Californian venture that’s all about crafting flexible tripods with three legs, each adorned with trusty suction cups. The mission? To make your life easier by giving you a hassle-free way to hold your precious phone and camera.

The name “Tenikle” is a nod to the graceful tentacles of octopuses, those underwater acrobats. And a mere glimpse at the image below will make you nod along with us in agreement!

Tenikle Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, Tenikle’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.3 million.

Unveiling Tenikle’s Marvelous Traits

For those of us who relish capturing picturesque moments and shooting videos, setting up a tripod in the perfect spot can be an exasperating experience. You’ve tried all sorts of inventive angles, but guess what? Your tripod plays the classic fall-and-crash game, putting your cherished gadget at risk. Enter Tenikle, the triumphant solution to your woes.

Imagine the nimble flexibility of an octopus’s tentacles transformed into a tripod’s suction cups. These clever appendages let you attach the tripod to any gadget, perch it on any surface, and set it up at almost any angle imaginable.

Fancy a car mount? How about a selfie stick? Oh, and a phone stand, too! And here’s the kicker: This bad boy can carry up to four times its weight – a whopping 10lbs!

And let’s not forget the cherry on top: Tenikle boasts a nifty phone clip or holder that you can easily attach. Practicality at its finest, right?

The Tale of Taming Tenikle

Using Tenikle is a cinch! Slap your camera, phone, or any gadget onto the tripod with those trusty suction cups. Or, if you prefer, you can opt for the phone clip.

With your device cozied up, it’s time to get creative with the placement. Attach the tripod to any surface using the other suction cups, and let your imagination run wild! Bend, twist, and shape it to your heart’s content until you achieve the perfect angle.

So whether you’re amidst a bustling crowd or the serenity of a forest, you can capture moments without wobbling woes. Need a gadget hug around a tree branch? Done. Fence cuddle? Why not?

And hold onto your seats – Tenikle isn’t just a travel buddy for capturing memories. It’s your companion on the journey itself! The company joyfully shared on Instagram:

“We’ve heard so many people say Tenikle is their favorite gadget to take with them on plane rides because you can use it to mount your tech on the window or tray tables and go hands-free in seconds! Plus you can roll it up small and store it in your carry-on.”

Taking on the Competition, Tentacle-Style

Tenikle wears its uniqueness with pride. Unlike its competitors, it brags about being the sole creator of fully customizable tripods. Think about it – how many tripods out there can strut their stuff in any nook and cranny without sacrificing stability? Not many, we’d wager.

Oh, and did we almost forget to mention it? Tenikle’s a petite powerhouse. It’s as compact as they come, and handling it is a piece of cake. But honestly, the pictures have probably spilled the beans already!

Whispers and Roars: What People Say About Tenikle

Now, while this invention sounds like a dream come true for content creators, let’s take a peek into reality.

Over in the land of Shark Tank fans, opinions, much like spices in a potluck stew, are all over the place. Some seasoned souls in the realm of content creation see Tenikle’s potential and applaud it.

On the flip side, there are those who raise an eyebrow or two, questioning how this “ugly” tripod got a slice of the investment pie. Some skeptics assume that since it’s part of the tech universe, a shinier solution must be lurking around the corner.

But you know what? Amidst all the opinions and speculations, Tenikle’s tentacles – uh, tripod – keep on gripping, proving that sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most ingenious ones.

Who’s the Mastermind Behind Tenikle?

Sunny California, is the birthplace of Tenikle and the creative powerhouse behind it all. Meet Hans Dose, the Californian brain behind this ingenious creation. Back in 2017, with a sprinkle of creativity and the unwavering support of his now-wife Lydia Dose, Hans embarked on the journey of Tenikle.

But this wasn’t his first rodeo in the realm of ideas. Before Tenikle took the stage, Hans was rocking the title of Creative Director at Hurley, a major player in the sports apparel scene.

Now, don’t be fooled – Hans didn’t just stumble upon this gem. His knack for inventive ideas was already in full bloom. Back in high school, his fashion show designs grabbed Hurley’s attention, leading him to the company’s doorstep as an intern in 2009. From there, he climbed the ranks, waving goodbye to Hurley in 2018 to focus on Tenikle.

The Tale of Tenikle’s Birth

So, how did the lightbulb moment strike? Picture Hans, on a grand adventure, attempting to capture a perfect picture by perching his phone on some tree branches. Disaster strikes – his phone screen cracks.

Torn between annoyance and determination, Hans gets back to his car, where a car device holder adorned with a trusty suction cup grabs his attention. The idea sparkles – why not blend this handy suction cup with a classic tripod design?

With the seed of an idea planted, Hans embarked on a quest for funding. Kickstarter and IndieGoGo saw Hans rolling out his vision for Tenikle. The result? Over $200,000 in capital – talk about a strong start!

But even with the winds of success at his back, the first batch of Tenikles hit a few bumps. Production and shipping mishaps led to some quality issues and disappointed customers.

Round two brought a wave of improvements, and the company sailed through with flying colors. Hans and his wife took a leap – quite literally – by moving into an RV to save every penny they could for Tenikle. With a mere $37 in their bank account (all in on Tenikle, remember?), they entered the Shark Tank arena.

When Did Tenikle Take a Dive into Shark Tank?

If you’re a Shark Tank aficionado, you’ll remember Tenikle making its grand entrance in Season 13, Episode 9. Airing on December 17th, 2021, this was Tenikle’s moment to shine.

Did Tenikle Win Over the Sharks?

Hold onto your seats – Tenikle caught a Shark! Daymond John, the sharp-toothed Shark, saw the potential in Tenikle and offered $200,000 for a 30% stake. It’s like Tenikle’s tentacles hooked onto Daymond’s interest, creating a partnership full of promise.

But oh, the twists and turns! Hans, standing tall in swim fins and a blow-up octopus, initially wished for $200,000 for a 10% slice. Daymond countered with an offer of $200,000 for 33.3% – that’s one-third of the pie! Hans wasn’t about to back down, throwing a $200,000 for 25% counteroffer. Daymond held his ground, and a final compromise of 30% equity was reached.

But it wasn’t just the product that reeled Daymond in – it was Hans’ honesty and courage, laid bare for all to see. Hans, with a heart-on-sleeve confession of having only $39 in his account during the pitch, struck a chord with Daymond.

This billionaire Shark had once started from humble beginnings too, once resorting to a $100,000 loan. A lesson in empathy and a splash of humor – that’s the Shark Tank story for you!

Where’s Tenikle Now?

Fast forward, and Tenikle is worth an estimated $1.3 million, a testament to its growing success. The pandemic’s creative surge brought more content creators to the scene, fueling the need for secure and versatile tripods. Tenikle was the answer, and its demand skyrocketed, painting a bright future.

And after its Shark Tank dive? Success swirled in. Tenikle flew off the shelves, selling out before the episode’s credits even rolled. Amazon even crowned it a #1 bestseller post-show. The numbers spoke volumes: $375,000 in sales within four months of tank time.

Innovation doesn’t rest, and neither does Tenikle. Enter Tenikle 360, an evolved version with a fourth, swiveling arm, offering a dance of flexibility and security like never before.

Tenikle’s Summer Adventure

With summer here, the octopus-inspired phone mounts continue to ride the wave of success. Tenikle’s Facebook page showcases real people, demonstrating how this invention becomes your trusty travel companion. From bathrooms to backyards, the Tenikle sticks like a champ, and the proof’s in the pudding – or should we say pictures?

July 2022 brings more excitement. The demand remains high as more creators dive into the content sea. And the company’s recipe for success? Short videos highlighting the simplicity and versatility of Tenikle. With locations as diverse as bathrooms and kitchens, these clips show just how well the Tenikle sticks around.

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So, next time you’re out and about, capturing life’s moments or planning a vacation, give Tenikle a thought. It’s like having an octopus’s embrace around your gadgets, making sure they stay put and ready for action – all with a touch of quirky charm!

Remember, in a world of ever-evolving tech, a little touch of octopus magic can go a long way. Cheers to Tenikle and its suction-cup wonders!

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